Programming Links

These are various things I'm involved with on the computing side of things, or have been involved with in the past.

Debian GNU/Linux

The Debian Project is made up of a group of people who believe, for the most part, that we need at least one GNU/Linux distribution that's independent of corporate whims. (Or, to quote the constitution, "The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system.")

In other words, Debian GNU/Linux is an operating system put together entirely by volunteers, and it's eminently usable.

Here are some unofficial packages I've built for Debian. In some cases, these or newer versions may be in the Debian archive proper; I don't keep this religiously up to date.

Miscellaneous free software links
  1. Simon Tatham's essay on "How to Report Bugs Effectively"
  2. AbiWord open letter on support expectations

binfmt_misc allows a Linux kernel to transparently execute code it doesn't recognise using a user-defined interpreter. For instance, with the aid of WINE, you can get a Linux box to run Windows programs as conveniently as its own. I wrote the current set of scripts to run Java programs this way, and a helper package called binfmt-support is among my Debian packages.

Other code

Other bits and pieces of software packages I maintain are here.

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