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Deuteronomy (the second law)

Coming soon: Part two of the increasingly convoluted Brooke family saga.
Did Rupert Frey really plummet to his untimely doom?
Where does Megan Faire fit into everything?
Why were the society so concerned about the Brooke family?
Who have secrets in their past that even they don't know?
What event is going to draw everyone back together?
As the population of the island of Al'Amarja join together to celebrate fifty years since the revolution which overthrew Monique D'Aubainne, fifty years of peace and prosperity, a shadow is lurking and a murderous past is about to be unveiled. And that's only episode 1.
Betrayal. Magic. Secrets. Mythology. Love. Murder. Conpiracy. Time. Law. Chaos. Demons. Soldiers. War. Hollywood. Mafia. Money. Questions. Resolutions. Mists. Confessions. Family. Soon.

Past Campaigns


Part one of the soon to be mythical Brooke family saga
The Brookes thought they were going to the small, quiet, catholic island of Al'Amarja to share in the good fortune of their lottery-winning relative Karen. Unfortunately within moments her house had exploded in flames, and both her and her son Joe were incinerated. Even worse, it turned out that Joe had been ritually slaugtered before his death. On the bright side, the arsonist was also injured and held in hospital by the police.
Things got worse: Joe was dug up and incinerated _properly_. The hospitalised murderer escaped, and all the while there were mysterious goings on involving "The society". The murderer was linked to the strict Catholic sect Umbra Domini. All very confusing. Then gradually it came out, Joe was the product of Karen's artifical insemination - by a new technique of oocyte donation... in the case in question, its a little likely that the eggs were developed from the blood of Christ, taken from religious artifacts. It was Messianic Park. In a way you can sort of understand Umbra Domini's murderous spree
Much was left unresolved - who were the society, what was their involvement with Felipe (and why was he unconciously going to kill Grandpapa Joseph)? And there was Frey, killed in a violent (but aesthetically pleasing) clifftop fight with the leader of Umbra Domini - yet neither of the bodies were discovered - did one (or both) of them survive? What did Grandpapa actually do in Minsk all those years ago? Is Dave really just an innocent cabbie who likes making tea? And there was the book - what was so special about it? Oh - and did Jeremy survive in the rainforest... I don't think any of the players even bothered watching celebrity survivor...?
What sort of GM would leave all those questions hanging? Is there another installment planned? Erm... yes. To be frank. OTE:Deuteronomy - the second law... Coming soon.

The one with Elvis Holly, Dolphin Dogs and Nuclear fire extinguishers

The great unnamed alien cloning conspiracy adventure from hell
Having been framed for a murder, the PCs were helped in their escape from Surrey by masked conspirators. Arriving on Al'Amarja it became clear that weirdness was afoot, dead pop stars were walking the streets and that the person who had actually carried out the murder was a psychopath who belived an angel was telling him what to do. As they finally trapped "Buddy" Holly (who turned out to be Buddy's son, Elvis) and were about to find the terrible truth, everythign went black.
Awakening within an alien spaceship (burried deep under al'amarja) and finding themselves prisoners of Dolphin-Dogs (from Sirius), it became clear that things wern't as simple as they had once seemed. And one of the characters (James Mercer) began to realise there were several of him, all of whom had similar memories, vague background history and were not involved in any form of sexual tension.
Ultimately it became clear the world was to end at new year (Monique D'Aubainne's Birthday party no less), and it was pretty much left to the PCs to sort things out. This they did with the help of a rock star / god and a bit of well faked resurrection. The aliens never did use the power of belief to get off the planet. But everyone else was happy.