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2009-09-24 Ian JacksonYARRG website is fine
2009-09-24 Ian JacksonDocument that we actually upload to the main PCTB db
2009-09-24 Ian JacksonSwitch to main PCTB server now we are approved 4.0
2009-09-23 Ian JacksonDump bogus XML in _commodmap.xml if we can't parse it
2009-09-23 Ian JacksonBetter HTTP User-Agent strings (rot13 the library,...
2009-09-18 Ian JacksonFix buyer/seller who were swapped in --arbitrage output
2009-09-18 Ian JacksonCope with new tabbed commodity screen on ships 3.6
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonDocument "?debug=1" feature
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'anaplian' into stable-3.x 3.5
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonRevert bogus parts of "Look for master-info-v2.txt...
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonGate parsing master-info-v* on YPPSC_YARRG_YARRG rather...
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonMove coping with ENOENT into parse_info1 and allow...
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonDo not attempt (and fail due to safety catch) to update...
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonDo not crash if --upload-yarrg is specified but not...
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonDo not spuriously refuse to upload from single-page...
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonExpand pixmap (island name) listboxes as necessary
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonFix assertion failure on 2-page commodity listings
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonChange instances of "git-foobar" to "git foobar"
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonUse "git describe" if "git-describe" isn't on the path
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonLook for master-info-v2.txt not master-info-2.txt
2009-09-10 Ian JacksonFix typos in README.privacy
2009-09-09 Ian Jackson"Released" version is client 3.4
2009-09-09 Ian JacksonFix source code clone rune to add .git
2009-09-09 Ian JacksonFix absolute URLs to refer to chiark
2009-09-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'dict' into live
2009-09-09 Ian JacksonSplit off devel info
2009-09-09 Ian JacksonMerge ../ypp-sc-tools.pctb-dict-test
2009-09-09 Ian JacksonNicer intro
2009-09-09 Ian JacksonFix location of Manu
2009-09-09 Ian Jacksonupdate-master-info can copy databases to rsync area
2009-09-05 Ian JacksonRemove some debugging
2009-09-05 Ian JacksonImplement capacity limit
2009-09-04 Ian JacksonDocs correct for new expected losses box
2009-09-04 Ian JacksonMake docs page executable
2009-09-04 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson'
2009-09-04 Ian JacksonCosmetic improvements to loss per league box
2009-09-04 Ian JacksonImplement percentage loss per league
2009-09-03 Ian JacksonRename docs to intro; write new docs
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson'
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonCosmetic and error report bugfixes
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonPermit entry of loss per league
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonPlumb max mass/vol through to routetrade
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonActually commit the capacity string parser
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonReverse colours of all stripey tables to have dark...
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonCalculate total distance correctly
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonReverse alternating colours in route plan
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonShow total mass/volumes
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonQuery for vessel capacity
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonBug in route total distance calculation found eg with...
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonRender topology as input to neato.
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonTesting with new setup shows problem with Sage
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonUse parse_info_serverside_ocean in commod-update-receiver
2009-09-02 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'test-install'
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonSome TODO list items now done
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonDo not include approved client info in master-info
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonSeems to be charset problems still ...
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonUsage information
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonFix charset problems; support Opal and Jade
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonMore oceans
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonSupport Hunter
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonCope with {{ }} rather than [[ ]] in arch labels
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonMore robust way to find arch/islands table
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonShow which ocean failed if yppedia-chart-parser fails
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonActually produce ocean arch/island info in output maste...
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonSupport Cobalt
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonCope with some features of the Cobalt WP chart
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonFixups for Sage
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonIgnore size of connected component when assigning label...
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonCope with multi-word arches
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonCope with <big> arch labels and a big ocean label
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonRemove test chart
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonShow messages immediately in debug mode
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonDon't choke on apsp discrepancy for arch-isolated islands
2009-09-01 Ian Jacksonnew --stdin-chart for testing yppedia-chart-parser
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonDo entity conversion ourselves; lenny's BS won't for...
2009-09-01 Ian JacksonReject non-option args to u-d-mi
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonTrying Hunter but it failed
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonDo not include self-edges in routes
2009-08-31 Ian Jacksonnew update-master-info seems to work
2009-08-31 Ian Jacksonchart-parser updates things
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonWIP move route and distance update into chart-parser
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonMessage confirmation loop thing
2009-08-31 Ian Jacksonyppedia chart parser gets chart from yppedia
2009-08-31 Ian Jacksonocean scraper can fetch charts
2009-08-31 Ian Jacksonchart parser calls ocean scraper
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonCope with spaces in arch names as found on Hunter
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonOcean scraper seems to work properly now
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonWIP ocean scraper seems to mostly work, need to do...
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonWIP ocean scraper before redo parser
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-3.x'
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson' into stable-3.x
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonWIP scraper still not working right
2009-08-31 Ian JacksonInitial version of scraper for oceans' arches and islands
2009-08-30 Ian JacksonDistance sailed shows in voyage plan now
2009-08-30 Ian JacksonAnother todo list item for uploader, but it works on...
2009-08-30 Ian JacksonAnother todo list item
2009-08-30 Ian JacksonShow total distance
2009-08-30 Ian JacksonShow distances in various places
2009-08-28 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'web' of ijackson@login.chiark.greenend...
2009-08-28 Ian JacksonUploader now works on harley