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2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: smash sizes
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: UI for rounding down sizes
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: factor out make-smashers
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: --debug implies a command loop
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: increase window size to make room for...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Ownership smasher is gridded
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: generalised grid control machinery
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: smash ownerships works, but need gridded...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: control for smash owner
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Use grid for smashing too
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: subclass smasher works; need to reorg...
2010-08-08 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: wip smashing
2010-08-07 Ian Jacksonmidas class 6.6.1
2010-08-07 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels shows uncolonised islands differently
2010-07-25 Ian Jacksonuse vessel and other icons from info_cache 6.6.0
2010-07-25 Ian Jacksonuse invented icons for unknown ship classes
2010-07-25 Ian Jacksoncope with unknown vessels by turning them unto zz vcunk
2010-07-25 Ian Jacksondocumentation for where-vessels
2010-07-25 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels phones home for vessel info
2010-07-21 Ian Jacksonparameterise vessel class and subclass info ready for...
2010-06-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of ../ypp-sc-tools 6.5.3
2010-06-30 Ian JacksonJunks. Pants icon.
2010-05-23 Ian Jacksongit URLs for various source trees 6.5.2
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonMore ship classes
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonAdd "celtic" as E
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonMore better doc
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonMore better doc
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonBetter doc
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonWeb page documenting YARRG JPCTB
2010-03-29 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of /home/ian/things/ypp-sc-tools 6.5.1
2010-03-29 Ian Jacksonchart scraper: cope with ocean difficulty annotations
2010-03-29 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: complain if ocean or pirate are empty...
2010-01-16 Ian JacksonChange memlim to 20M as Algol reports it can be exceeded!
2010-01-16 Ian JacksonDocument /j cmd 6.5.0
2010-01-16 Ian JacksonFix up /j cmd
2010-01-16 Ian JacksonAdd a cmd to add "applied" jobbers
2010-01-16 Ian Jacksonyoweb-scrape: display jobbers too
2010-01-16 Ian JacksonLimit yoweb-scrape backlog parsing to 500K
2010-01-13 Ian JacksonAdd +/-0.5s to chat log poll times to make behaviour...
2010-01-13 Ian JacksonAdd +/-0.5s to wait times to make behaviour less clumpy
2010-01-13 Ian JacksonReduce wait times to something more resembling a real...
2010-01-10 Ian JacksonBigger limit for specific-destination route searches 6.4.5
2010-01-10 Ian JacksonShow owner names in vessel name list
2010-01-09 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Better layout for parsing results toplevel 6.4.4
2010-01-09 Ian JacksonUncomment minprofit in route search (!) 6.4.3
2010-01-05 Ian JacksonFix up dictionary-manager so server finds yarrglib.tcl
2010-01-03 Ian JacksonAdd filter styles
2009-12-31 Ian JacksonFix broken formatting of multiple stalls in plan when...
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonEncode entities in linkqf from routetrade 6.4.2
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonPut time limit back to 5s.
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonNew Summary section
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonTry LP-only if MIP fails, and round everything down
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonFix up search too long error message - put maxcpu back!
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonFix up search too long error message - really fix up
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonFix up search too long error message - really
2009-12-27 Ian JacksonFix up search too long error message
2009-12-26 Ian JacksonMax gems should be 24 not 25 6.4.1
2009-12-25 Ian JacksonLimit gems to 25 per leg 6.4
2009-12-25 Ian JacksonWIP gem limit: commodity flags in database
2009-12-25 Ian JacksonFix up yppedia-chart-parser to pass ::OCEAN and ::STDIN...
2009-12-19 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: provide feature to cut-and-paste island...
2009-12-15 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: clean up icons a bit 6.3.4
2009-12-15 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: use icons for lock state
2009-12-15 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Better icons for lock, after fruitless...
2009-12-14 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: icons for lock state: how to concat...
2009-12-14 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: icons for lock state too
2009-12-14 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Tidy up ship size icon displays 6.3.3
2009-12-14 Ian JacksonWIP icons - new nice icon set
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels WIP icons
2009-12-13 Ian JacksonWIP icon display
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: fix layout of filtering 6.3.2
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: filtering filters
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: filtering UI
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: show vessel names 6.3.1
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: decode codes and abbrevs for the user
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: fix bugs due to split code and abbrev
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: split code and abbrev
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Put "last seen at" question mark at...
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels bugfixes
2009-12-13 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: http fixes, error handling fixes, for... 6.3.0
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: better general error handling
2009-12-12 Ian JacksonBetter clipboard parsing error reports
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: show errorInfo in acq error
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: can acquire
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonpanner.tcl: copyright notice
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Add some section headings
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Organise properly
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonmove http client setup to yarrglib.tcl
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonpanner: mouse motion debug only if debug>=2
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonyarrg: with --find-window-only, print ocean and pirate...
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: WIP argument parsing; library load changes
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP where-vessels zooming works
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP where-vessels tuning
2009-12-10 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Include panner and (nonfunctional) zoom...
2009-12-10 Ian Jacksonpanner is a proper package
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP Tk panner widget - mostly works
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP Tk panner widget
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP where-vessels: Can produce some kind of map
2009-12-10 Ian Jacksonbreak out yppedia_chart_parse into 6.2
2009-11-27 Ian JacksonUse hasOwnProperty to eliminate unhelpful JS stuff...