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2005-10-04 mdwOne that got away.
2005-10-04 mdwMore support scripts and other cool stuff.
2005-09-30 mdwBackgrounded commands and RELOAD.
2005-09-29 mdwFix uninitialized variable in p_create.
2005-09-29 mdwVarious fixes.
2005-09-29 mdwFix for new key-data interface.
2005-09-16 mdwStupid labelling bug.
2005-09-16 mdwKeepalives and pings.
2005-09-15 mdwFix segfault on failure to add peer specified by IP...
2005-09-15 mdwDon't build ethereal plugin if no ethereal headers...
2005-09-12 mdwGeneral overhaul of tunnelling: allow multiple tunnel...
2005-09-12 mdwImprove the SLIP driver: allow dynamic creation of...
2005-09-03 mdwVersion bump; new email address. 1.0.0pre7
2005-09-03 mdwSupport SLIP encapsulation as a tunnelling mechanism.
2005-04-30 mdwFinal docs tweaks.
2005-04-30 mdwIssue ADD and KXSTART notifications in the right order!
2005-04-30 mdwFix stupid typo.
2005-04-30 mdwAllow admin clients to filter out async messages. ...
2004-10-02 mdwMention that I wrote mallory's help message in the...
2004-10-02 mdwUse standard GNU uppercase for metavariables in usage...
2004-09-12 mdwExpunge CVS cruft.
2004-04-19 mdwOoops. Stupid bugs.
2004-04-19 mdwDebianization stuff.
2004-04-18 mdwAllow user-specified symmetric crypto algorithms.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2004-04-03 mdwFix logrotate script.
2004-04-03 mdwSupport elliptic curve key exchange.
2004-04-03 mdwDon't warn about boring errors from @accept@.
2003-11-29 mdwDebianization. 1.0.0pre6
2003-10-15 mdwRemove buf, and add Ethereal analysis.
2003-10-15 mdwMake forking work properly.
2003-10-15 mdwAdd support for Ethereal protocol analysis.
2003-10-15 mdwDocument the evil proxy.
2003-10-15 mdwCosmetic fix to changelog comment.
2003-10-15 mdwMove buf stuff to Catacomb library.
2003-07-13 mdwVersion bump. 1.0.0pre5
2003-07-13 mdwAdd protocol commentary.
2003-07-13 mdwMore docs updates.
2003-07-13 mdwFix formatting.
2003-07-13 mdwIncopatible protocol fix! Include message type code...
2003-07-13 mdwFix init script a bit.
2003-07-13 mdwMuch documentation progress.
2003-05-17 mdwMention MTU. 1.0.0pre4
2003-05-17 mdwFix runlevel.
2003-05-17 mdwDon't try to run bogus startup scripts.
2003-05-17 mdwIgnore Emacs backup files.
2003-05-17 mdwShip new configuration and startup kit.
2003-05-17 mdwDocument the new `-b' option.
2003-05-17 mdwHandle flags on challenge timers correctly to prevent...
2003-05-17 mdwDon't make scary messages just because one key didn...
2003-05-17 mdwPut a newline in the pidfile.
2003-05-16 mdwAllow binding to a chosen address.
2003-05-16 mdwDon't fail if build dir already exists.
2003-05-16 mdwVersion bump.
2003-04-23 mdwNew manpage for pkstream.
2003-04-23 mdwNew pkstream program.
2003-04-15 mdwVarious nips and tucks. 1.0.0pre3
2003-04-15 mdwInsert a newline to improve readability.
2003-04-15 mdwExplain the `-U' and `-G' options.
2003-04-15 mdwRationalize the behaviour of the `-G' and `-U' options.
2003-04-06 mdwFix formatting crapness.
2003-04-06 mdwAnother error fix.
2003-04-06 mdwRearrange so as not to include Linux headers unless...
2003-04-06 mdwAnd again. (Sigh.)
2003-04-06 mdwFix description.
2003-04-06 mdwFix stupid bug.
2003-04-06 mdwReport peer name on decrypt errors.
2003-04-06 mdwSupport Linux TUN/TAP device. Fix some bugs.
2002-01-13 mdwDon't turn tracing on if tracing is turned off (!).
2002-01-13 mdwDon't include the tracing option in the help if not...
2002-01-13 mdwTrack @lbuf@ changes in mLib.
2002-01-13 mdwFix crap typo.
2002-01-13 mdwTrack @lbuf@ and @dstr_vputf@ changes in mLib.
2002-01-13 mdwMake @t_read@ be static, as it always should have been.
2002-01-13 mdwIgnore TeX debris.
2002-01-13 mdwMore incomplete stuff.
2002-01-13 mdwProvide MGF macros.
2002-01-13 mdwPatch up zero-knowledge property by passing an encrypte...
2001-06-29 mdwSome progress made on laptop.
2001-06-22 mdwBeginnings of an RFC.
2001-06-22 mdwRestart with different structure and rather more formal...
2001-06-22 mdwSupport expiry of other peers' public keys.
2001-06-19 mdwVersion bump. 1.0.0pre2
2001-06-19 mdwBuild new proxy program.
2001-06-19 mdwThe beginnings of a malicious proxy for TrIPE.
2001-06-19 mdwSome more constants for the algorithms. Document the...
2001-06-19 mdwExpose interface, for use in the proxy.
2001-06-19 mdwMove the program name to the right place when construct...
2001-06-19 mdwMoved buffers to peer.c.
2001-06-19 mdwUse magic number for packet size.
2001-06-19 mdwChange the encrypted packet format to be non-malleable.
2001-06-19 mdwCosmetic fixes.
2001-06-16 mdwQuantify collision probabilities for the stated data...
2001-03-03 mdwMake this a pre-release. 1.0.0pre1
2001-03-03 mdwRename word get and put functions now that there's...
2001-03-03 mdwUse 16-bit lengths on MPs, since there's a packet limit...
2001-03-03 mdwSet the socket send and receive buffers to maximum...
2001-02-22 mdwDistribute the manpages.
2001-02-22 mdwIgnore parts of build system.
2001-02-22 mdwPartially through reworking.