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2018-06-29 Mark Woodingkeys.scala, etc.: Make merging public keys have a progr... master
2018-06-29 Mark WoodingIt works a bit more, so that's probably progress.
2018-06-28 Mark WoodingThe work! The progress!
2018-06-26 Mark WoodingMostly autogenerating string resources.
2018-06-25 Mark WoodingSome more infrastructure. Maybe other things.
2018-06-19 Mark WoodingWow, is that a proper Android build system?
2018-06-16 Mark WoodingIntegrate the TrIPE server into the Java edifice.
2018-06-14 Mark WoodingMore progress. More work.
2018-06-13 Mark WoodingMore work in progress.
2018-06-09 Mark Woodingprogress.scala: Miscellaneous WIP.
2018-06-09 Mark Woodingadmin.scala: Make `Connection' be its own publisher...
2018-06-09 Mark WoodingMakefile: Make the Scala compiler more petty.
2018-06-09 Mark WoodingOverhaul the build machinery.
2018-06-03 Mark WoodingMakefile: Move all artifacts into a subdirectory.
2018-06-03 Mark Woodingrough work in progress; may not build
2018-05-31 Mark Woodingshake it all up
2018-05-31 Mark Woodingwip
2018-05-17 Mark Woodingadmin.scala: Start on understanding the administration...
2018-05-17 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Ignore built files.
2018-05-17 Mark WoodingMakefile: Drop the classfile outputs down a level.
2018-05-17 Mark WoodingMakefile: Move cleanup of the class files near the...
2018-05-17 Mark WoodingMakefile: Don't leave class-file placement to the ...
2018-05-17 Mark WoodingMakefile: Use the `fsc' Scala compiler instead, because...
2018-05-16 Mark WoodingMakefile: Use a less-specific symlink to find Java...
2018-05-16 Mark WoodingInitial commit.