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descriptionA simple SSH certificate authority.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeMon, 6 Apr 2015 21:14:10 +0000 (22:14 +0100)
2015-04-06 Mark Woodingbin/upload: Preserve timestamps. master
2015-04-05 Mark Woodingbin/upload: Add a `$publish_opts' parameter for special...
2014-07-19 Mark Woodingbin/sign: Don't continue processing after encountering...
2014-07-19 Mark Woodingbin/sign: Keep track of the original domain, for `known...
2014-07-19 Mark WoodingDon't track my local files.
2014-07-19 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: Add entry for haze.
2014-04-21 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: Move VPN hosts to ...:1.
2014-04-21 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: Note that strat provides www.
2014-04-21 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: Fix wrong IPv6 addresses for jazz and strato...
2014-04-21 Mark Woodingbin/sign: Emit a `known_hosts' file in the correct...
2014-04-21 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: Replacing IPv6 host routes with /112 networks.
2014-04-17 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: New service name `dyndns' for telecaster.
2014-03-09 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: FTP service now handled by telecaster.
2014-03-07 Mark Woodingvampire: Fix vampire's IPv6 address.
2013-09-24 Mark Woodingetc/ Publish through dedicated server account.
2013-09-24 Mark Woodingetc/hosts: Add jaguar.
2 years ago master