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descriptionA simple remote monitoring tool.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeSun, 10 May 2015 10:13:48 +0000 (11:13 +0100)
2015-05-10 Mark Woodingcheck.d/50.updates: Output the list of updates. master
2015-05-10 Mark Woodingcheck.d/50.updates: Maintain sets of packages, rather...
2015-04-16 Mark WoodingAllow a subset of checks to be run.
2015-04-16 Mark Woodingrcheck: Supply a default list of hosts if none are...
2015-04-15 Mark Woodingcheck, rcheck: Propagate exit status better; capture...
2011-07-22 Mark Woodingcheck.d/{disks,ntp}: Only perform the checks if relevan...
2011-07-11 Mark Woodingcheck.d/logs: Only worry if Exim's paniclog is nonempty.
2011-06-22 Mark Woodingrcheck: Hunt down directory by chasing symlinks.
2011-06-22 Mark Woodingntp: New check for NTP clock condition.
2011-06-22 Mark Woodingrcheck: A periodic remote monitoring tool.
9 years ago master