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descriptionThe Exim configuration.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeWed, 4 Jul 2018 17:42:53 +0000 (18:42 +0100)
2018-07-04 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Don't deploy the Lets Encrypt certificate... master
2018-07-03 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Present a LetsEncrypt certificate to externa...
2018-06-26 Mark Woodingbase.m4, config.m4: Make the certificate list tweakable...
2018-01-15 Mark Woodingbase.m4: Neither accept nor transmit messages with...
2018-01-15 Mark Woodingbase.m4: Fix indentation of some ACL configuration.
2017-11-25 Mark Woodingbase.m4: Explicitly disable the `CHUNKING' extension.
2017-08-13 Mark Woodingbase.m4: Re-enable RFC1413 (ident) requests.
2017-07-29 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Fix the `acceptable' ciphers list.
2017-07-29 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Fiddle with the ciphersuite settings.
2017-07-21 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Use correct IPv6 address for national to...
2017-07-19 Mark Woodinglists.m4, exchange.m4: Check for bogus addresses when...
2017-06-30 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Include national as a valid relay host.
2017-06-30 Mark Woodingconfig.m4: Use correct VPN address for chiark.
2016-06-27 Mark Woodinglists.m4: Preparation for switch to A&A.
2016-05-11 Mark Woodingvhost-local.m4: Fix missing newline.
2016-05-07 Mark Woodingvhost-local.m4: New hack for delivery to system users...
8 months ago master