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More tests for mime.c
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2007-12-31 Richard Kettlewellplayer/tracklength directives for native formats are...
2007-12-31 Richard Kettlewellupdate default config for present environment
2007-12-31 Richard Kettlewellinit script now uses start-stop-daemon if available...
2007-12-30 Richard Kettlewellset default gap to 0
2007-12-30 Richard Kettlewellconfig files note that "trust" can be removed
2007-12-29 default stopword list into server
2007-12-22 cut at cookie support in the web interface
2007-11-23 from
2007-11-23 script always address local instance of daemon
2007-11-03 Richard Kettlewellpattern based dispatch for tracklength plugins
2007-10-30 Richard Kettlewellmiscellaneous debianization fixes
2007-10-13 Richard Kettlewellchattier default configs
2007-09-30 off FLAC support
2007-09-28 file support for disorder-decode
2007-09-28 disorder-decode in configs
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellfix scratch path
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellrefer to README.raw
2007-01-23 arch tags throughout
2007-01-23 from Arch revision: