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cgi/cgimain.c: Make the CGI program be (a little) locale-aware.
[disorder] / disobedience / queue-menu.c
2011-08-07 Richard KettlewellMerge branch 'protogen'
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewellprotogen: The bulk of the eclient code generation.
2010-07-18 Richard KettlewellMerge memory hygeine branch
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMerge Disobedience playlist support.
2009-11-25 Richard KettlewellMake the properties window's progress window a transien...
2009-02-17 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist branch against trunk to date.
2008-12-13 Richard KettlewellDisobedience can now adopt tracks.
2008-10-25 Richard KettlewellDoxygen file headers for most files
2008-10-19 Richard KettlewellSwitch to GPL v3
2008-07-13 Richard KettlewellMerge from Disobedience branch
2008-07-06 Richard KettlewellRemove tracks from queue with DEL/<--
2008-06-15 Richard KettlewellMerge the Disobedience rewrite.
2008-06-15 Richard KettlewellBuild fixes for GCC 4.1
2008-06-12 Richard KettlewellStart on popup menu for Disobedience choose tab. Mostl...
2008-06-11 Richard KettlewellDon't allocate per-queue tabtype. In fact the allocate...
2008-06-11 Richard KettlewellUpdate queues by rearranging rows, rather than by blowi...
2008-06-11 Richard KettlewellPlay tracks from popup in new tracks list. The same...
2008-06-11 Richard KettlewellRestore scratching from popup menu.
2008-06-11 Richard KettlewellRemove tracks now works again. queue_entry pointers...
2008-06-11 Richard KettlewellFix edit menu (and simplify its implementation a bit).
2008-06-10 Richard KettlewellSelect hovered track if nothing is selected on right...
2008-06-10 Richard KettlewellRewrite queue/recent/added to use native list widget.