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plugins/tracklength-gstreamer.c: Rewrite to use `GstDiscoverer'.
[disorder] / disobedience /
2017-11-29 Mark WoodingConcentrate knowledge about the `pcre' API in one place.
2017-11-26 Mark Woodingdisobedience/misc.c: Muffle warning about `gdk_pixbuf_n...
2016-01-24 Richard KettlewellReplace references with github references
2016-01-22 Mark WoodingFix `distcheck' complaints.
2016-01-22 Mark Woodingdisobedience/disobedience.c: Show track title (or excus...
2016-01-16 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'mdw/gstdecode'
2016-01-09 Mark Woodingdisobedience/choose-search.c: Fix segfault when search...
2014-06-01 Richard KettlewellWarning tidy-up for FreeBSD.
2014-01-25 Richard KettlewellRemove redundant entry from .desktop file
2013-11-23 Richard KettlewellSet AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS=subdir-objects where necessary.
2013-11-07 Richard Kettlewelluaudio: pulseaudio support
2013-11-07 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience: menu item to select network playback API
2013-11-07 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience: more sensible naming in menu setup
2013-11-07 Richard Kettlewelluaudio: more sophisticated choice of default playback API
2013-10-28 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience needs -lm
2013-02-17 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience: tinker with About... box upstream/master branchpoint-5.1
2013-02-17 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience: add a disobedience.desktop file
2012-12-01 Richard Kettlewellclient: use privileged socket if possible
2011-08-14 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience: grey out user management if it won't...
2011-08-07 Richard KettlewellMerge branch 'protogen'
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen: add some missing docstrings.
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen: add some missing docstrings.
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen: clean up function documentation.
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewellprotogen: The bulk of the eclient code generation.
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-5.0'
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: suppress bogus initial set of global...
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: mention global prefs in manual.
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge branch 'issue29'
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: show playing/random-play global prefs... upstream/issue29
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: change filtering window to be a more...
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: add a Close button to the filtering window.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellInitialize filtering logic properly.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: basic support for required/prohibited...
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellUpdate copyright dates in version strings
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellDon't call libtool --mode=finish.
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellMerge up to 5.0.2
2010-07-18 Richard KettlewellMerge memory hygeine branch
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellMore clang-inspired fixes
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellFixed another null pointer deref in the same line!
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellMerge various clang-inspired fixes
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellPlacate static analyzer
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellFixed a null pointer deref.
2010-06-09 Richard KettlewellDon't keep audio files open except when they are actual...
2010-06-09 Richard KettlewellInverst sense of pause menu item.
2010-06-04 Richard KettlewellFix modifier key handling in Disobedience drag+drop...
2010-01-17 Richard KettlewellMove images.h to images/ directory, and limit to just...
2009-12-20 Richard KettlewellRemind Automake to ship various things
2009-12-13 Richard KettlewellMerge toolbar redesign.
2009-12-13 Richard KettlewellUpdate Disobedience manual to new appearance of Disobed...
2009-12-13 Richard KettlewellRestore menu bar toggle of icon functions
2009-12-13 Richard KettlewellCorrect sense of pause/resume tooltips
2009-12-12 Richard KettlewellReduce volume/balance bars to fit better with new wider...
2009-12-12 Richard KettlewellUse a cards image for 'random' icon
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellGTK_STOCK_CUT isn't really appropriate for removing...
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellIcons for lots of popup menus.
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellStock items for a few bits of the menu
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellUse a GtkToolbar for the toolbar icons. The image...
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellUse stock icons for toolbar. A little more compact.
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellMerge compact mode volume slider changes.
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellIn compact mode, move the volume level to the right...
2009-12-06 Richard KettlewellStop balance widget springing back into life in compact...
2009-12-01 Richard KettlewellMerge from Disobedience branch
2009-12-01 Richard KettlewellMerge from dmanual branch
2009-12-01 Richard KettlewellUpdate Disobedience manual for compact mode interface.
2009-12-01 Richard KettlewellReflect green cell-background for playing track in...
2009-12-01 Richard KettlewellA nasty hack to stop window size information leaking...
2009-12-01 Richard KettlewellNew compact mode for Disobediene.
2009-12-01 Richard KettlewellTrack window size between main and compact mode.
2009-11-30 Richard KettlewellGive the currently playing track a light green background.
2009-11-30 Richard KettlewellMerge minimode improvements and a Disobedience bugfix
2009-11-30 Richard KettlewellSomewhat prettier current track in minimode
2009-11-30 Richard KettlewellFix a bug where Disobedience wouldn't always notice...
2009-11-30 Richard KettlewellKeep mini-mode playing label up to date better
2009-11-30 Richard KettlewellMini-mode now hides/shows tab group widget and has...
2009-11-28 Richard KettlewellMerge some more mini-Disobedience work
2009-11-28 Richard KettlewellMore careful about compact mode transition detection
2009-11-28 Richard KettlewellQueue tab now collapses to just the playing track in...
2009-11-28 Richard KettlewellMore compact mode support. The notebook will disappear...
2009-11-28 Richard KettlewellMerge scratch fixes branch
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellSome more Disobedience work
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellA bit of work towards a mini-Disobedience mode (issue...
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellHelp button for login box. With free nasty hack for...
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellMerge latest Disobedience work
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellMissing makefile entry led to help images not installing
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellAdd OK and Help buttons to playlists, and Help button...
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellAdd new 'play children' option to track chooser. This...
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellDelete key now works in playlist editor
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellSynchronize with trunk
2009-11-27 Richard Kettlewelltypo
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellMerge manual improvements
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellComment out part of overview section, which sits rather...
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellImprove playlists section of disobedience manual
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellThinko in menu option l-)
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellConsistent punctuation (again)
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellSynchronize from trunk
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellConsistent punctuation
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellTree layout and context menu for playlist picker.
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellContext menu for playlist picker
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellTree structure for playlist picker
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMerge some Disobedience work