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460b9539 1Template: disorder/roots
2Type: string
4Description: Audio directories
5 Enter the list of directories that contain audio files (e.g. MP3 or OGG
6 files) separated by spaces.
8Template: disorder/encoding
9Type: string
6a7ef209 10Default: UTF-8
460b9539 11Description: Filesystem encoding
12 Enter your filesystem's character encoding. Check rather than
13 guessing if you are not sure.
15Template: disorder/scratches
16Type: string
17Default: /usr/share/disorder/slap.ogg /usr/share/disorder/scratch.ogg
18Description: Scratch files
19 Enter a list of files to be played when a track is scratched, separated
20 by spaces. Leave this blank if you don't want any scratch sounds.
21 All filenames should be absolute path names.
23Template: disorder/port
24Type: string
25Default: none
26Description: Port number for clients to connect to
27 Enter the port number that the server should listen on for clients. This
28 can be set to 'none' to permit only local clients or a port number for
29 remote clients to connect to, e.g. using Disobedience.
f2c185d6 30
31Template: disorder/interface
32Type: select
33Choices: local, network
34Default: local
35Description: Interface to use to play sound
36 'local' means the default local sound device will be used. Use this
37 if you want to play through your sound card and don't want to play on any
38 other computers.
39 .
40 'network' means sound will be transmitted over the network using RTP,
41 for instance to a multicast address. Use this option if you want to play
42 sound through more than one computer.
44Template: disorder/mcast_address
45Type: string
46Description: Destination address for network sound transmission
47 Sound data will be sent to this address using the RTP protocol. Users
48 would use (for instance) disorder-playrtp to play it. Typically this
49 would be a multicast address but this is not mandatory.
51Template: disorder/mcast_port
52Type: string
53Description: Destination port for network sound transmission
54 Sound data will be sent to this UDP port using the RTP protocol.
56Template: disorder/smtp_server
57Type: string
58Default: localhost
59Description: SMTP server for web interface
60 The web interface requires an SMTP server in order to send messages to
61 newly registered users, and to send password reminders. Enter the hostname
62 or IP address to use.
64Template: disorder/mail_sender
65Type: string
67Description: Sender address for email from web interface
68 The web interface needs to know what email address it should send messages
69 from. It is possible that users will reply to this address if they are
70 unsure what to do.