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460b9539 1Template: disorder/roots
2Type: string
4Description: Audio directories
5 Enter the list of directories that contain audio files (e.g. MP3 or OGG
6 files) separated by spaces.
8Template: disorder/encoding
9Type: string
10Default: ISO-8859-1
11Description: Filesystem encoding
12 Enter your filesystem's character encoding. Check rather than
13 guessing if you are not sure.
15Template: disorder/scratches
16Type: string
17Default: /usr/share/disorder/slap.ogg /usr/share/disorder/scratch.ogg
18Description: Scratch files
19 Enter a list of files to be played when a track is scratched, separated
20 by spaces. Leave this blank if you don't want any scratch sounds.
21 All filenames should be absolute path names.
23Template: disorder/server-name
24Type: string
25Default: localhost
26Description: Web server hostname
27 Enter the hostname that the web interface will appear under.