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descriptionGooswapper - Google / Exchange calendar synchronisation.
ownerMatthew Vernon
last changeTue, 11 Dec 2018 15:15:05 +0000 (15:15 +0000)
5 days ago Matthew Vernonchangelog master v0.2
5 days ago Matthew VernonNote requirement for an exchangelib with our fixes
5 days ago Matthew VernonUse start timezone for finding recurrences, and date...
5 days ago Matthew VernonUse event timezone for events (where available)
2018-11-21 Matthew VernonEmphasis
2018-11-21 Matthew VernonNote that this isn't a supported bit of software
2018-11-21 Matthew Vernonadd README
2018-11-20 Matthew VernonUse a per-exchange-calendar cache file
2018-11-13 Matthew VernonAdd Copyright notice
2018-11-13 Matthew VernonAdd LICENSE (AGPLv3)
2018-11-12 Matthew Vernoncurrent state-of-play notes v0.1
2018-11-12 Matthew VernonAdd looping support
2018-10-24 Matthew Vernonre-order setup actions
2018-10-24 Matthew VernonBugfix: handle events with no gcal_id link cli
2018-10-24 Matthew VernonBasic CLI
2018-10-24 Matthew VernonWhen matching, add google events where we have unmatche...
5 days ago v0.2 Version 0.2 - use event timezones...
4 weeks ago v0.1 First useful version (hence v0.1)
5 days ago master
7 weeks ago cli
7 weeks ago hardcoded_creds