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2014-05-30 Richard KettlewellSupport feeble FreeBSD versions of dd and truncate... master
2014-05-30 Richard KettlewellAdjust error strings in test to match OS variations
2014-05-24 Richard KettlewellUpdate copyright notices
2014-05-24 Richard KettlewellMan page typo fixes
2014-05-24 Richard KettlewellStricter argument checking.
2014-05-24 Richard KettlewellBackport tests to Debian wheezy
2014-05-24 Richard KettlewellAdd some tests.
2014-05-24 Richard KettlewellUse shifts rather than multiplies to scale up size...
2014-05-24 Richard KettlewellMore consistent diagnostics.
2014-05-24 Richard Kettlewellmore appropriate data types for rc4 implementation
2014-03-29 Richard KettlewellAdd some comments.
2014-02-22 Richard KettlewellFurther man page typo fix.
2014-02-22 Richard KettlewellTypo fixes to man page.
2014-01-12 Richard KettlewellChattier description for Debian package
2014-01-12 Richard KettlewellFix GPL pointer in debian copyright file
2014-01-12 Richard KettlewellTypo fix.
2013-10-31 Richard KettlewellBuild fix for FreeBSD
2013-08-09 Richard KettlewellUpdate copyright messages to reflect changes this year
2013-08-09 Richard KettlewellDebianize. Release 0.3.
2013-08-09 Richard KettlewellAdd hyphens in man page to placate lintian.
2013-08-09 Richard KettlewellREADME ->
2013-08-09 Richard KettlewellRemove; use autoreconf -is instead.
2013-02-21 Richard Kettlewelldir-locals.el
2013-02-21 Richard KettlewellMan page typo.
2013-02-21 Richard KettlewellFix printf field width types
2013-02-21 Richard KettlewellUpdate usage message.
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonNew --progress option
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonManpage: add some usage hints
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonUse /dev/urandom (or corresponding file) by default...
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonUsage message: fix alignment
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonSupport --seed-file (and --seed-length)
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonMove default seed setting to main().
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonTurn "seed" from a string to a byte block.
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonUse RC4-drop, not RC4
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonMake --both the default
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonNew mode --both (-b), which does create then verify
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonNew --entire option
2013-02-21 Ian JacksonBreak out function "execute"
2011-06-17 Richard KettlewellMake SIZE argument optional when verifying. It is...
2011-06-17 Richard KettlewellRemove redundant exit() calls.
2011-06-17 Richard KettlewellRearrange argc/argv for more idiomatic access to positi...
2011-06-15 Richard KettlewellExpand on purpose a little.
2011-06-15 Richard KettlewellCopyright notices
2011-06-15 Richard Kettlewell.gitignore backup files
2011-06-15 Richard KettlewellMacOS support.
2011-06-15 Richard KettlewellDocument short-form options.
2011-06-15 Richard KettlewellMore sensible type choices. Making remain be size_t...
2011-06-15 Richard KettlewellAdd --flush option to evict the subject file from RAM...
2011-06-13 Richard KettlewellList options in --help output
2011-06-13 Richard KettlewellAdd a README and man page
2011-06-13 Richard Kettlewellvbig - create or verify a large but pseudo-random file