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2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Smoother holes
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Some test things commented out
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Fudge to avoid openscad producing a hole
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Fewer holes
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Hole adjustments
2015-01-01 Ian JacksonMakefile: mention funcs.scad to get it autogenerated
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: adjust locations
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: add more knifewidthslop
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: add knifewidthslop
2015-01-01 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: introduce width() (nfc)
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: PegTemplate apex
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Un-round the corners
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Adjustments for non-block
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: set up for autos
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: Holes
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: CoverParts
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: BlockPegSlots
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: move PegTemplate and AtSides up (nfc)
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: CoverPegSlots
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: introduce AtSides (nfc)
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip peg recess
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: peg
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: cover, use mirror (nfc)
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: cover, add { } (nfc)
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: cover, align
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: cover, adjust
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip cover
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: move minx, maxx (nfc)
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: toplevels
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: move yshift out of DoKnives
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: traces full length
2014-12-31 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: scale properly (!)
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: rotate
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: fix Makefile for recent GNU make
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: missing dependency
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: hexagonal screw countersinks
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: work
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: rounded front corners
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: add frontbackslop
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip block
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: doknives
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: hull
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: reverse knives in filter
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: abstract away $nknives (nfc)
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip, recentered
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip, before recenter
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip, template reorg
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip, half-done template reorg
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip, before reorg
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock-knives: Knives photographed, converted with...
2014-11-23 Ian JacksonMakefile: things autogenerated from .pl
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: skew bracing to left
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: increase tabsidel
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: t2streng adjust
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: increase strapwidth
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: t2streng looks reasonable
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: wip t2streng - transpose so...
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: wip t2streng - introduce new...
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: adjust tongue groove slop...
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: add top cutouts and increase...
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: abolish nearest strap slot
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: add hstreng
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: more tabsider
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: split tabsidel and tabsider...
2014-10-28 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: add cutouts for "washers"...
2014-10-23 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: Even more slots
2014-10-23 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: Thicken tab
2014-10-23 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: More slots in tongues
2014-10-23 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: Make number of slots in tongue...
2014-10-23 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: New tongue
2014-10-23 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: Use ad rather than totaldepth...
2014-10-23 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: break out Tongue (nfc)
2014-09-16 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: reduce tabunder
2014-09-05 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: increase hole dia
2014-09-03 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: holes
2014-09-03 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-net-bracket: wip before holes
2014-08-05 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-*: adjustments
2014-08-05 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-psu-bracket: wip
2014-08-05 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-psu-bracket: ready for first test print
2014-08-05 Ian Jacksonosstest-arm-psu-bracket: Initial, before two different
2014-06-08 Ian Jacksontablet-case-corner-mount: adjustments from v3
2014-06-08 Ian Jacksontablet-case-corner-mount: adjustments from v2
2014-06-08 Ian Jacksontablet-case-corner-mount: reoriented
2014-06-08 Ian Jacksontablet-case-corner-mount: measurements
2014-06-08 Ian Jacksontablet-case-corner-mount: back hole
2014-06-08 Ian Jacksontablet-case-corner-mount: hook
2014-06-08 Ian Jacksontablet-case-corner-mount: plans
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: try rotating it to make it stick...
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: roof/skirt: set to same thick...
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: roof/skirt: parameterise
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: roof/skirt: prototype
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: roof/skirt: prep, nfc
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: v4 warped, probably due to slow...
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: change lock hang
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: break out lock_hang_ratio
2014-06-01 Ian JacksonRevert "topeak-seatstay-lock: cylindrical hook to make...
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: cylindrical hook to make lock...
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: fix PiecesPrint
2014-06-01 Ian Jacksontopeak-seatstay-lock: calls to PiecePrint in commented...