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2014-04-22 Simon TathamFix the test script. master
2014-04-22 Simon TathamIgnore index.html.
2014-04-22 Simon TathamAdd a small README for people cloning this repo.
2014-04-22 Simon TathamCredits.
2014-04-22 Simon TathamAdd a make target for the web page.
2014-04-22 Simon TathamAdd a link to the git repository.
2014-03-29 Simon TathamFilled in the observations section.
2014-03-29 Simon TathamFilled in the search-algorithms section.
2014-03-28 Simon TathamFilled in some gaps in the writeup.
2014-03-20 Simon TathamFill in a lot of the web page.
2014-03-19 Simon TathamMove the HTML container out into a reworkable template...
2014-03-18 Simon TathamA big pile more data!
2014-03-17 Simon TathamOne more simple dissector.
2014-03-17 Simon TathamAnother way to make up dissections easily.
2014-03-17 Simon TathamInvent a dissection if none is stored.
2014-03-17 Simon TathamRead the full dissections and double-check them.
2014-03-16 Simon TathamTweak the tabulation style.
2014-03-16 Simon TathamRun 'main' for (11,5), for which the bound wasn't tight.
2014-03-16 Simon TathamScript to tabulate results as a web page.
2014-03-16 Simon is now obsolete.
2014-03-16 Simon TathamCommit a big pile of search results.
2014-03-15 Simon TathamFix hang during output of (7,6).
2014-03-15 Simon TathamAhem, typo.
2014-03-15 Simon TathamOutput dissection in the same format as
2014-03-14 Simon TathamGenerate output the right way round!
2014-03-14 Simon TathamUse known bound data to refine the search space.
2014-03-14 Simon TathamImplement some trivial bounds as well as the interestin...
2014-03-14 Simon TathamFix a bug causing some solutions to be missed, e.g...
2014-03-14 Simon TathamAdd a -v option.
2014-03-13 Simon TathamAn entirely different search program.
2014-03-12 Simon TathamReport the bounds along with the search results.
2014-03-12 Simon TathamPython code to compute upper bounds on the solution.
2014-03-12 Simon TathamWritten a post-analyser for the search output.
2014-03-11 Simon TathamDon't call set_best before setting m and n.
2014-03-10 Simon TathamIntroduce a 'make clean' target.
2014-03-10 Simon TathamIntroduce a 'make test' target.
2014-03-10 Simon TathamCompare against n_max_frags with <=, not <.
2014-03-09 Simon TathamFix occasional 'min fragment 1.11022e-16' glitch.
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonfix output reporting again
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonmake -b<startbest> more effective by moving initialisat...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonmulticore worker only print read matrix input every...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonactually parse -b option
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonreport something to stdout even if no answer
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonreport some more stuff in stderr output
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonsplit up stdout heading output line printing (no functi...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonreport best_adjmatrix in that form
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonoption for starting best value
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksondocument -j option in head comment
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonfudge the {n,m}_max_frags to deal with rounding errors...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonuse "git describe" not "git-describe"
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonmove minham check earlier; this avoids some printing etc
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonminimum output match hamming weight; enforce argument...
2014-03-09 Ian Jackson.gitignore: profiling output files
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksoncommentary: document new criterion introduced in ea5f35...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksoncommentary: clarify and fix input vs output confusion
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonadd one missing call to FOR_BITS (no functional change)
2014-03-09 Ian Jackson{n,m}_max_frags: fix fencepost efficiency problem
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonrename {n,m}_over_best to {n,m}_max_frags to reflect...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonintroduce m_over_best and use it instead of computing...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonmove had_max and totalfrags update later in loop body...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonprovide and use FOR_BITS
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonprovide CMDLINE_CFLAGS feature
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonremove some debugging newlines (mistakenly included...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonmulticore: in master, when collecting results, pay...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksononly report "reporting" if we actually have something
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonshow git version in output
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonpass weight array to workers (fix semantic conflict...
2014-03-09 Ian Jacksonmove -lm to LDLIBS where it ought to be
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonapply floor to n_over_best
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonadd <math.h> and -lm (no functional change)
2014-03-08 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'sgt/master'
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonbreak out set_best
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonin multicore, generator periodically checks for new...
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonin mc_iterate_worker, use maxhamweight_ok and preconsid...
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonbreak out maxhamweight_ok (no functional change)
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonpredeclare preconsider_ok and multicore_check_for_new_b...
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksontiresome portability fix for pread on squeeze
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonmulticore support seems to work
2014-03-08 Ian Jackson.gitignore: core, t.*
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonintroduce progress_eol and make stderr line buffered
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonin preconsider_ok, check for frags >= maxhamweight...
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonbreak out preconsider_ok
2014-03-08 Ian JacksonPRINTF is less bodgy now
2014-03-08 Ian JacksonAdd -std=gnu99 to Makefile
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonbreak out report()
2014-03-08 Ian Jacksonwip multicore: add argument parsing; currently -j optio...
2014-03-08 Simon TathamCheck max Hamming weight in the other direction.
2014-03-08 Simon TathamPrune by symmetry: constrain 1st adj row to all 1s... v1
2014-03-08 Simon TathamSeparate stdout from stderr.
2014-03-08 Simon TathamOutput the actual dissection, as a matrix.
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksoncommentary
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksonassert our arguments
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksondo not leak prob when retrying
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksonsearch in order by max hamming weight
2014-03-07 Ian JacksonRevert "loop in reverse order - this is a better search...
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksonloop in reverse order - this is a better search path
2014-03-07 Ian JacksonRevert "mix up the order" and "mix up the order"
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksonmix up the order, print better
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksonmix up the order
2014-03-07 Ian Jacksonerror fixes; tried interior but doesn't work (EINSTAB...