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core: reindent {selinux, ima, smack}-setup.c
[elogind.git] / src / core / selinux-setup.c
2014-04-25 Will Woodscore: reindent {selinux, ima, smack}-setup.c
2014-02-21 Colin Waltersselinux: Don't attempt to load policy in initramfs...
2013-04-04 Lennart Poetteringutil: make time formatting a bit smarter
2013-03-07 Nathaniel Chencore: move mount_setup_early() to main.c
2013-01-07 Tom GundersenMerge nss-myhostname
2012-10-02 Lennart Poetteringselinux: rework selinux access check logic
2012-09-10 Lennart Poetteringselinux: close stdin/stdout/stderr before loading selin...
2012-07-28 Dave Reisnerselinux: avoid inclusion of null_log without selinux
2012-07-10 Lennart Poetteringselinux: turn of libselinux' internal logging
2012-04-11 Lennart Poetteringrelicense to LGPLv2.1 (with exceptions)
2012-04-11 Kay Sieversmove sources into core/