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[PATCH] add more debian rules files. <>
Thu, 9 Dec 2004 01:09:40 +0000 (17:09 -0800)
committerGreg KH <>
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 06:10:31 +0000 (23:10 -0700)
etc/udev/debian/cd-aliases.rules [new file with mode: 0644]
etc/udev/debian/compat.rules [new file with mode: 0644]
etc/udev/debian/devfs.rules [new file with mode: 0644]
etc/udev/debian/simple-cd-aliases.rules [new file with mode: 0644]

diff --git a/etc/udev/debian/cd-aliases.rules b/etc/udev/debian/cd-aliases.rules
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..7137527
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+# These rules create the /dev/{cdrom,dvd,...} symlinks. Also see the
+# /etc/udev/cdsymlinks.conf config file.
+# If you would like to statically configure the aliases instead, you can
+# use rules like:
+# BUS="ide", ID="1.0", SYMLINK="cdrom"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="sr[0-9]*",                        PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k", SYMLINK="%c{1} %c{2} %c{3} %c{4} %c{5} %c{6}"
+BUS="ide",  KERNEL="hd[a-z]",   SYSFS{removable}="1", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k", SYMLINK="%c{1} %c{2} %c{3} %c{4} %c{5} %c{6}"
+BUS="ide",  KERNEL="pcd[0-9]*", SYSFS{removable}="1", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k", SYMLINK="%c{1} %c{2} %c{3} %c{4} %c{5} %c{6}"
diff --git a/etc/udev/debian/compat.rules b/etc/udev/debian/compat.rules
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..ec386ea
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
+# compatibility links for a devfs-style /dev
+KERNEL="md[0-9]*",     SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="loop[0-9]*",  SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="tty[0-9]*",   SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="ttyS[0-9]*",  SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="ttyUSB[0-9]*",        SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="vcs",         SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="vcs[0-9]*",   SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="vcsa",                SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="vcsa[0-9]*",  SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="video0",       SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="radio0",       SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="vbi0",         SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="vtx0",         SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="apm_bios",     SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="agpgart",      SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="psaux",       SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="nvram",       SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="rtc",          SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="ram[0-9]*",   SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="i2c-[0-9]*",  SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="lp[0-9]*",    SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="audio"         SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="dsp"           SYMLINK="%k"
+KERNEL="mixer"         SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="fb[0-9]*",    SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="fd[0-9]*",    SYMLINK="%k"
+#KERNEL="js[0-9]*",    SYMLINK="%k"
diff --git a/etc/udev/debian/devfs.rules b/etc/udev/debian/devfs.rules
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..8d305cd
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,126 @@
+# There are a number of modifiers that are allowed to be used in some
+# of the different fields. They provide the following subsitutions:
+# %n the "kernel number" of the device.
+#    For example, 'sda3' has a "kernel number" of '3'
+# %e the smallest number for that name which does not matches an existing node
+# %k the kernel name for the device.
+# %M the kernel major number for the device
+# %m the kernel minor number for the device
+# %b the bus id for the device
+# %c the string returned by the PROGRAM
+# %s{filename} the content of a sysfs attribute.
+# %% the '%' char itself.
+# IDE block devices
+BUS="ide", KERNEL="hd[a-z]*", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+# permissions for SCSI CD devices
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="s[grt][0-9]*", SYSFS{type}="5", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}", MODE="0660", GROUP="cdrom"
+# SCSI block devices
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="sd[a-z]",          PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="sd[a-z][0-9]*",    PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="sd[a-i][a-z]",     PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="sd[a-i][a-z][0-9]*", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="s[grt][0-9]*",     PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="scd[0-9]*",                PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="st[0-9]*",         PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="nst[0-9]*",                PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k %b %n", NAME="%c{1}", SYMLINK="%k %c{2}"
+# USB devices
+BUS="usb", KERNEL="hiddev*",   NAME="usb/%k"
+BUS="usb", KERNEL="auer*",     NAME="usb/%k"
+BUS="usb", KERNEL="legousbtower*", NAME="usb/%k"
+BUS="usb", KERNEL="dabusb*",   NAME="usb/%k"
+BUS="usb", KERNEL="lp[0-9]*",  NAME="usb/%k"
+BUS="usb", KERNEL="cpad[0-9]*",        NAME="usb/%k"
+# block devices
+KERNEL="md[0-9]*",     NAME="md/%n",
+KERNEL="loop[0-9]*",   NAME="loop/%n"
+# tty devices
+KERNEL="tty[0-9]*",    NAME="vc/%n"
+KERNEL="ttyS[0-9]*",   NAME="tts/%n"
+KERNEL="ttyUSB[0-9]*", NAME="tts/USB%n"
+KERNEL="rfcomm[0-9]*", NAME="bluetooth/rfcomm/%n"
+# vc devices
+KERNEL="vcs",          NAME="vcc/0"
+KERNEL="vcs[0-9]*",    NAME="vcc/%n"
+KERNEL="vcsa",         NAME="vcc/a0"
+KERNEL="vcsa[0-9]*",   NAME="vcc/a%n"
+KERNEL="fb[0-9]*",     NAME="fb/%n",
+# v4l devices
+KERNEL="video[0-9]*",  NAME="v4l/video%n"
+KERNEL="radio[0-9]*",  NAME="v4l/radio%n"
+KERNEL="vbi[0-9]*",    NAME="v4l/vbi%n"
+KERNEL="vtx[0-9]*",    NAME="v4l/vtx%n"
+KERNEL="dvb*",         PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k", NAME="%c"
+# misc devices
+KERNEL="apm_bios",     NAME="misc/apm_bios",
+KERNEL="agpgart",      NAME="misc/agpgart",
+KERNEL="nvram",                NAME="misc/nvram"
+KERNEL="psaux",                NAME="misc/psaux"
+KERNEL="rtc",          NAME="misc/rtc"
+KERNEL="card[0-9]*",   NAME="dri/card%n"
+KERNEL="i2c-[0-9]*",   NAME="i2c/%n"
+KERNEL="ram[0-9]*",    NAME="rd/%n"
+KERNEL="lp[0-9]*",     NAME="printers/%n"
+KERNEL="fd[0-9]*",     NAME="floppy/%n",
+KERNEL="cdemu[0-9]*",  NAME="cdemu/%n"
+KERNEL="pktcdvd[0-9]*",        NAME="pktcdvd/%n"
+KERNEL="pktcdvd",      NAME="pktcdvd/control"
+KERNEL="cpu[0-9]*",    NAME="cpu/%n/cpuid"
+KERNEL="msr[0-9]*",    NAME="cpu/%n/msr"
+KERNEL="microcode",    NAME="cpu/microcode"
+# sound devices
+KERNEL="controlC[0-9]*", NAME="snd/%k"
+KERNEL="hwC[D0-9]*",   NAME="snd/%k"
+KERNEL="pcmC[D0-9cp]*",        NAME="snd/%k"
+KERNEL="midiC[D0-9]*", NAME="snd/%k"
+KERNEL="timer",                NAME="snd/%k"
+KERNEL="seq",          NAME="snd/%k"
+KERNEL="audio*",       NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="dsp*",         NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="adsp*",                NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="midi*",                NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="mixer*",       NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="sequencer*",   NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="amidi*",       NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="dmmidi*",      NAME="sound/%k"
+KERNEL="admmidi*",     NAME="sound/%k"
+# input devices
+KERNEL="mice",         NAME="input/%k"
+KERNEL="mouse[0-9]*",  NAME="input/%k"
+KERNEL="event[0-9]*",   NAME="input/%k", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/ %k", RESULT="inputdev", MODE="0664", GROUP="video"
+KERNEL="event[0-9]*",  NAME="input/%k"
+KERNEL="js[0-9]*",     NAME="input/%k"
+KERNEL="ts[0-9]*",     NAME="input/%k"
+KERNEL="uinput",       NAME="input/%k"
+KERNEL="tap[0-9]*",    NAME="net/%k"
+KERNEL="tun",          NAME="net/%k"
+# CAPI devices
+KERNEL="capi",         NAME="capi20", SYMLINK="isdn/capi20"
+KERNEL="capi[0-9]*",   NAME="capi/%n"
+# Zaptel
+KERNEL="zapctl",       NAME="zap/ctl"
+KERNEL="zaptimer",     NAME="zap/timer"
+KERNEL="zapchannel",   NAME="zap/channel"
+KERNEL="zappseudo",    NAME="zap/pseudo"
+KERNEL="zap[0-9]*",    NAME="zap/%n"
+# device mapper creates its own device nodes, so ignore these
+KERNEL="dm-[0-9]*",    NAME=""
+KERNEL="device-mapper",        NAME="mapper/control"
diff --git a/etc/udev/debian/simple-cd-aliases.rules b/etc/udev/debian/simple-cd-aliases.rules
new file mode 100644 (file)
index 0000000..bd700bc
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+# grouping of optical drives from multiple kernel subsystems
+BUS="scsi", KERNEL="sr[0-9]*",                       SYMLINK="cdrom%e"
+BUS="ide",  KERNEL="hd[a-z]",  SYSFS{removable}="1", SYMLINK="cdrom%e", PROGRAM="/bin/cat /proc/ide/%k/media", RESULT="cdrom"
+BUS="ide",  KERNEL="pcd[0-9]*",        SYSFS{removable}="1", SYMLINK="cdrom%e"