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2017-01-18 Ian Call `confess' when shellquote gets an undef arg
2017-01-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 3.6~
2017-01-17 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 3.5 archive/debian/3.5 debian/3.5
2017-01-17 Ian Jacksonchangelog: gardening
2017-01-17 Ian Jacksondgit: clonee: Do setup_new_tree earlier.
2017-01-17 Ian Jacksondgit: Defuse gitattributes in private working area...
2017-01-17 Ian Jacksondgit: Improve comment left in .git/info/attributes.
2017-01-17 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 3.5~
2017-01-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 3.4 archive/debian/3.4 debian/3.4
2017-01-16 Ian Jacksontest suite: worktrees: Replace references to /home/ian
2017-01-16 Ian Jacksontest suite; drs-push-rejects: Set origin's url
2017-01-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 3.4~
2017-01-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 3.3 archive/debian/3.3 debian/3.3
2017-01-16 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document gitattributes handling
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksondgit: Remove redundant use of List::Util qw(any). ...
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksontest suite: protocol-compat: check that we use the...
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: Fix undefined $suite in some...
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksontest suite: Internal change: fix handling of nonempty...
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksontest suite: defdistro-import-dsc: Drop this test.
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksondgit: Set default dsc import distro when suppressing...
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksondgit: Set default dsc import distro when there is no...
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksontest suite: default dsc distro config setting: Move...
2017-01-13 Ian Jacksondgit: Remove a leftover debugging print.
2017-01-12 Ian JacksonPackaging: Remove redundant Recommends on libtext-iconv...
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 3.3~
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 3.2 archive/debian/3.2 debian/3.2
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksonchangelog: tidy up
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksondgit: Fix a warning message about ref (mainly, tag...
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksondgit: Fix a typo in a comment.
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksondgit-user(7): Fix some typos.
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Mention #850953
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document dgit-maint-merge change
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksontest suite: mirror-private: test that package becomes...
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksondgit-repos-policy-debian: Remirror a package when it...
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksoninfra: mirroring and policy hooks: Provide ((( )))...
2017-01-12 Ian Jacksondgit: Do not execute END blocks in children.
2017-01-11 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 3.2~
2017-01-10 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 3.1 archive/debian/3.1 debian/3.1
2017-01-10 Ian Jacksondgit: buile_prep_early: Call notpushing() after getting...
2017-01-10 Ian Jacksondgit: dsc download handling: save as ,fetch if need be
2017-01-10 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Fix entry referring twice to refs/dgit-fetch...
2017-01-10 Ian Jacksondgit: After downloading .debian.* files, save them...
2017-01-10 Ian Jacksontest suite: defdistro-import-dsc: New test
2017-01-10 Ian Jacksondgit: import-dsc: Add missing call to notpushing().
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksondgit: Do not nedlessly re-fetch the rewrite map.
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 3.1
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 3.0 archive/debian/3.0 debian/3.0
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Tidy a bit
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Mention #850519 re docs updates
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document dgit(1) changes.
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksondgit(7): Updated `trouble' section to suggest deletion
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksondgit: When generating orig+debian/patches view, copy...
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonfetch and pull ignore the changelog suite when it is...
2017-01-09 Ian JacksonHonour dgit-distro.*.default-suite and dgit.default...
2017-01-09 Sean Whittondgit-maint-merge(7): Use debian/source/patch-header
2017-01-09 Ian JacksonProvide `dgit print-dgit-repos-server-source-url'.
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksondgit: clone-dgit-repos-server: Set $access_forpush
2017-01-09 Sean Whittondgit-sponsorship(7): Use --no-dep14tag
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document import Dgit field parsing fix
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document nominal distro syntax restriction
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document lrfetchrefs change
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksontest suite: Fail tests if we look up any debian config
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksondgit: conflg handling: Undocumented --config-lookup...
2017-01-09 Ian Jacksondgit: Support distro aliases
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksontest suite: New test downstream-gitless (wip)
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit; dsc Dgit field handling: Properly resolve the...
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: config debugging: do not print ARRAY(0x...)
2017-01-08 Ian JacksonProtocol change: Add distro info to Dgit field
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit: Option parsing: Fix distro/suite reference bugs
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksontest suite: Add t-stunt-parsechangelog to a few tests...
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksontest suite: gbp-orig: Add a missing -m
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Do not investigate symrefs
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksontest suite: lib-orig-include-exclude Strip block count...
2017-01-08 Ian JacksonArrange to pass --debug-quick-random to gpg-agent.
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-rewrite: Fix operation using installed versio...
2017-01-08 Ian Jacksontest suite: Generalise DGIT_TEST_REAL_<FOO> handling
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.17~ (again)
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.16.2 archive/debian/2.16.2 debian/2.16.2
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup; In --check mode, exit status...
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: Fix crash when running for 2nd...
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.17~ (again)
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.16.1 debian/2.16.1
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksondgit-badcommit-fixup: New mode --check which is readonly.
2017-01-07 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.17~
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.16 archive/debian/2.16 debian/2.16
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksonbadcommit-fixup: Merge from a filtered view of my perso...
2017-01-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.16~
2017-01-05 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.15 (will not be uploaded) debian/2.15
2017-01-05 Ian JacksonMerge tag dgit/2.14 into `defence in dgit-repos-server...
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.14 archive/debian/2.14 debian/2.14
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document changes
2017-01-04 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.14
2016-12-21 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.14
2016-12-21 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.13 archive/debian/2.13 debian/2.13
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document dgit-sponsorship fix
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document dgit-maint-gbp fix
2016-12-20 Ian JacksonImport fix: Switch back to unpa branch on patch import...
2016-12-20 Ian JacksonImprove "cannot represent change" message
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonquilt fixup: Permit creation of patches which delete...
2016-12-20 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 2.13