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Update french version to latest version.
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2003-01-01 fbothamyUpdate french version to latest version.
2002-12-12 aphprepare 3.2.2
2002-12-12 aphship README-contrib and TODO in the doc dir
2002-12-12 aphremove some todo items which are done
2002-12-09 aphPolicy compliance checked and updated to 3.5.8, no...
2002-12-09 joyupdate
2002-12-09 aphprepare 3.2.1
2002-12-09 aphstop shipping SGML source, what's the point, this is...
2002-12-09 apheliminate the ByHand stuff, I'm pretty sure it's not...
2002-12-07 aphall my recent changes, and call it version 3.2
2002-12-07 aphdon't use 'command -v', it's not POSIX, hardcode /usr...
2002-12-07 aphwhy even have a case stmt -- strip it down more
2002-12-07 aphproduce md5sums file; break out a 'test' target
2002-12-07 aphmove configure stuff under configure case; don't make...
2002-12-03 joyupdate
2002-11-28 aphprepare 3.1.2
2002-11-13 aphfinalize version 3.1.1
2002-11-11 aphfix some bad URLs, notably the testing FAQ -- checkbot...
2002-11-11 aphfix a grammar typo, closes: #166098
2002-11-11 aphdon't use caps or fullstops in changelog entries -...
2002-10-21 mdzSecurity updates
2002-10-10 joyupdate
2002-09-21 hertzog- Added myself as co-author.
2002-09-19 joyupdate for my last change
2002-09-11 aphmy changes
2002-09-09 hertzog - Added a section about "Bug Squashing Parties".
2002-09-08 hertzog- Added the explanation about how to replace an .orig...
2002-08-29 hertzog* Applied patch from Matt Zimmerman for handling securi...
2002-08-16 joyupdate
2002-08-16 joyupdate
2002-08-07 joyupdated
2002-08-07 joyadded some of my June 20th changes to the changelog
2002-06-24 hertzog* Applied several patches.
2002-06-19 hertzog* New changelog entry.
2002-06-14 aphmy changes; standardize Raphael's changelog entries
2002-06-14 aphmore notes to myself, many probably obsolete
2002-06-10 hertzog- Integrated Sec "Handling debconf translations" contri...
2002-06-08 hertzog- Completed Sec "Package with multiple patches",
2002-05-24 hertzog- Completed Sec "Voting"
2002-05-23 hertzog- Completed Sec Bug housekeeping. closes: #39519
2002-05-11 aphentity'ize, us-upload-dir, non-us-upload-dir
2002-05-09 hertzog- Sec "The Package Tracking System": filled with conten...
2002-05-09 hertzog- Various spelling fixes.
2002-05-09 hertzog- Sec "The Incoming system" in "Resources", describe...
2002-05-08 hertzog- Explain to reassign/close bugs of removed packages...
2002-05-08 aphstandardizing some of Raphael's entries
2002-05-08 hertzog- Indicated that the list of subsections is defined...
2002-05-08 hertzog- Added best packaging practices chapter.
2002-05-07 aphtrim the bad submit-bugs chapter; s/GPG/GnuPG/
2002-05-07 aphspell check and some awkward grammar
2002-05-07 aphcosmetics and Antoine's updates
2002-05-06 hertzog- Changed -e by -m in the dpkg-buildpackage command...
2002-05-06 aphnew stubbed section I missed
2002-05-06 aphrecent changes
2002-05-05 aph - new Chapter "Beyond Packaging" for recommended...
2002-05-05 aphrecent changes
2002-05-05 aphadd hertzog as co-maintainer
2002-05-03 aphmakefile change; manoj is a co-maintainer
2002-04-08 aphyet more todo
2002-04-08 aphmore todo
2002-04-08 aph - dpkg-dev-el: new section
2002-04-08 aphSec "Mailing Lists": where to find private archives...
2002-04-08 aph - Ch "Overview of Debian Maintainer Tools":
2002-04-07 aphrecent changes
2002-03-31 aphchanges for next version, not yet ready for release...
2002-02-24 aphprepare 2.10.0
2002-02-24 aphfix a typo
2001-10-21 aphperpare next version as 2.9.0
2001-10-02 aphshipping 2.8.9
2001-08-24 aphtypo fix thanks to Mark Hodge
2001-08-24 aphrecent changes
2001-08-20 aphprepare version 2.8.9
2001-07-20 aphprepare 2.8.8
2001-07-15 joythis TODO item is fixed, the reference now explains...
2001-06-21 aphupdate for and require debiandoc-sgml 1.1.48 or better
2001-06-21 aphprovide proper l10n for SGML date entities; now we...
2001-06-21 aphMatt Zimmerman fixes up some wording in the section...
2001-06-21 aphdpkg-buildpackage -m<addr> flag was changed for -e...
2001-05-15 aphfix a small typo in a link
2001-04-13 aphprepare 2.8.6
2001-04-13 aphutilze new changelog file
2001-04-08 aphre-prepare 2.8.5, including some French updates; hopefu...
2001-04-08 aphfix build-depends(-indep) issue, prepare 2.8.5
2001-04-05 aphnew file
2001-04-05 aph * expunge references to the Debian Packaging Manual...
2001-02-25 aphprepare next version
2001-02-25 aphfill in the description a bit more; remove reference...
2001-01-22 aphprepare 2.8.3 for release
2001-01-22 aphremove a useless dir, /usr/share/developers-reference...
2001-01-22 aphbuild and clean stuff with the top-level makefile,...
2001-01-21 aphsorry, last changelog entry on this file was wrong...
2001-01-21 aph * clarify the status of the Developers's reference...
2001-01-21 aphadd recommends for debian-policy and packaging-manual
2001-01-21 aphadd 2001 copyright
2000-11-04 aphremove some obsolete source-depends stuff
2000-11-04 aphchanges for 2.8.1
2000-10-15 aphupdate doc-base file for FHS
2000-10-15 aphbreak up this file a bit
2000-10-15 aphupdate from CVS Changelogs mostly
2000-10-15 aphupdate for new copyright file location; add 2000 copyri...