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update-xfonts-traditional: Factor out process_filter
[xfonts-traditional.git] / mkrules
2016-04-25 Ian JacksonAdd bdf normaliser (to cope with fontforge output direc...
2016-04-24 Ian Jacksonmkrules can consume, or .sfd files.
2016-04-24 Ian Jacksonmkrules keys the rules key off `bad' rather than `good...
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksonxfonts-traditional (1.6) unstable; urgency=low
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingmkrules: Correct handling of multiple foundry mappings.
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingmkrules: Handle multiple files with the same metrics.
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksondo not mess with high-codepoint quotes
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonquoting of weird chars
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonrule generation machinery