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2016-05-05 Ian JacksonProcess `9x15' too. master
2016-05-05 Ian Jackson9x15: Introduce good font (from 3.3.6-2)
2016-05-05 Ian Jackson9x15: Introduce bad font
2016-05-05 Ian Jackson10x20: Avoid replacing >127 unicode quotes
2016-05-02 Ian Jackson10x20: Redo all edits
2016-05-02 Ian Jackson10x20: Fix vertical metric (must have slipped in fontforge)
2016-05-02 Ian Jackson10x20: Revert full stop (and colon) dot size
2016-05-02 Ian JacksonMove commentary about reasons for bdfnorm from changelo...
2016-05-02 Ian JacksonNormalise bdfs before all rule generation and on-system...
2016-05-02 Ian Jacksonbdfnorm: Capitalise the bdfs, as the rule generator...
2016-05-02 Ian Jacksonbdfnorm: Install executable (!)
2016-05-01 Ian Jacksonupdate-xfonts-traditional: Generalise SIGPIPE handling...
2016-05-01 Ian Jacksonupdate-xfonts-traditional: Factor out process_filter
2016-05-01 Ian Jacksonupdate-xfonts-traditional: Rename log file handle varia...
2016-05-01 Ian Jacksonupdate-xfonts-traditional: Break out filter_st_isok...
2016-05-01 Ian Jackson10x20: Fixes to punctuation positioning
2016-05-01 Ian JacksonInstall bdfnorm in our /usr/share directory
2016-05-01 Ian Jacksonbdfnorm: Improve performance, a bit
2016-05-01 Ian Jacksondebian/copyright: Fix copyright date
2016-05-01 Ian Jackson10x20: Process more fully.
2016-04-30 Ian JacksonImprove quotes in Misc Fixed 10x20 - WIP
2016-04-30 Ian Jacksondebian/changelog: Tidy up a bit
2016-04-25 Ian JacksonAdd fontforge to build-depends
2016-04-25 Ian JacksonProcess Neep 10x20 too
2016-04-25 Ian JacksonVersion of Neep 10x20 with fixed apostrophe
2016-04-25 Ian JacksonAdd bdf normaliser (to cope with fontforge output direc...
2016-04-25 Ian JacksonNeep 10x20: Introduce bad font from xfonts-jmk
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonProcess Neep 6x13 too (for apostrophe only).
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonPermit new foundry names to contain "."s.
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonAdd debhelper-build-stamp to .gitignore.
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonCommit ffconvert script (forgot to git add this, earlier)
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonAn internal error message in printrule is improved...
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonVersion of Neep 6x13 with fixed apostrophe
2016-04-24 Ian Jacksonmkrules can consume, or .sfd files.
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonNeep 6x13: Introduce bad font from xfonts-jmk
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonDocument in Description that we process some other...
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonProcess `10x20' too. (It was shifted down a pixel...
2016-04-24 Ian Jackson10x20: Introduce bad pcf from current xfonts-base,...
2016-04-24 Ian Jackson10x20: Introduce good pcf from xfonts-base 3.3.6-2.deb
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonIn copyright file, more clearly annotate the two copyri...
2016-04-24 Ian Jacksonmkrules keys the rules key off `bad' rather than `good...
2015-01-05 Ian JacksonFix utf-8 in Camaleon's name (which Emacs broke during...
2015-01-05 Ian JacksonSpanish debconf translation update. Closes: #669375.
2014-12-12 Ian JacksonSource package now contains .gitignore which git-buildp...
2014-12-12 Ian Jacksonfinalise 1.7
2014-12-12 Ian JacksonUse interest-noawait to fix dpkg trigger cycle. Closes...
2014-12-12 Ian JacksonBrazilian Portuguese debconf translation. Closes:...
2014-12-12 Ian JacksonJapanese debconf translation. Closes: #692144.
2014-12-12 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'dgit/dgit/sid'
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog debian/1.6
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksonxfonts-traditional (1.6) unstable; urgency=low
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksonunfuzzy the translations
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksondebconf: punctuation fix in template
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksondebconf: spanish translation
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog debian/1.5
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonunfuzzy the translations
2012-06-10 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'i18n'
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonundo English changes
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonsort out changelog
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonexactly as found in #660965 message 34
2012-02-09 Ian JacksonEnglish l10n improvements
2012-01-26 Ian Jacksonchangelog: add an item and finalise debian/1.4
2012-01-26 Ian Jacksondebian/control: add missing libsys-cpu-perl dependency
2012-01-26 Ian Jacksonfix wrong bug# (oops!) (again)
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonfix wrong bug# (oops!)
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog debian/1.3
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonsupport --always-reprocess
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonfix typo
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonadd bug #
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksontolerate pcf2bdf crashing
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonprocesspcfgz: completely revamped subprocess data struc...
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonprocessfontdir: better message for failures
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonbdftopcf: special-case "no bdf data" return
2012-01-25 Ian Jacksonfix message ("none") return value s from processbdf...
2012-01-12 Ian Jacksonchangelog: mention parallelism
2012-01-12 Ian Jacksonupdate-xfonts-traditional: process fonts in parallel
2012-01-11 Ian Jacksonfinalise 1.2. debian/1.2
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingdebian/copyright: Explain the origin and copyright...
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingProvide 6x13O as a BDF source and generate a PCF from...
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingSupport for bold and oblique versions of 6x13.
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingmkrules: Correct handling of multiple foundry mappings.
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingmkrules: Handle multiple files with the same metrics.
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingMakefile: Make sure the `rules' directory exists.
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonfix messages etc.
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonuse template for confirm q
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonslight template improvements
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonnew changelog entry
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksoncosmetics
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonbetter config file handling
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonwip new config
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonfix wide characters; tested iso10646
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonremove spurious blank
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonbug report
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonfix iso10646 trad
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonadd missing stuff to make clean
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonchange default
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonfix up some lintian things
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonfix postinst bug
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonran debconf-updatepo