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emacs: vm-spool-files: Remove from ian.el; needs to be in ian-local in due course
[ian-dotfiles.git] / home / emacs /
2016-06-13 Ian Jacksonemacs: vm-spool-files: Remove from ian.el; needs to...
2016-06-13 Ian Jacksonsome mime type thing from mariner
2016-06-13 Ian Jacksonemacs: load ian-local.el if it exists; load private...
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonDisable vm-autoload explicit stuff
2016-06-10 Ian Jacksondisable frame-title-format thing.
2016-06-10 Ian Jacksonsh mode do not electric <<
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonRemove ~ files (!)
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonMerge old CVS `ian-dotfiles' repo, as a subtree where...
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonImport ~/emacs from zealot