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2001-10-07 ianmdlvlFrom Peter Maydell (/u2/pmaydell/iwjbackup/) as per... branch-2001-10-07-from-pmaydell mergepoint-2001-10-07-from-pmaydell
2001-10-07 ianmdlvlAs found on chiark in /usr/local/lib/backup: better... branchpoint-2001-10-07-from-pmaydell
2001-10-07 ianmdlvlAs found on chiark in /usr/local/lib/backup: will be...
2001-10-07 ianmdlvlFound on anarres in /var/local/backup.
2001-10-07 ianmdlvlFound on anarres in /etc.
2001-10-07 ianmdlvlFound on davenant in /usr/local/lib (in use on anarres).
2001-07-19 ianFound with-lock-ex.c on jura. branchpoint-2001-05-11-withlockex-old
2001-03-06 ianAdd comment at top to say what this is.
2001-03-06 ianCorrect copyright notice.
2001-03-06 ianSupport for other platforms, notably BSD, and other...
1999-01-03 ianBetter documented defaults.
1999-01-03 ianFix bugs w/ explicit host spec
1999-01-03 ianCheck error return from open of new files.
1999-01-03 ianRun sync-accounts only on relevant host.
1999-01-03 iandefaultshell feature.
1999-01-03 ianReally keep perms.
1999-01-03 ianPreserve permissions on /etc/shadow etc.
1999-01-03 ianDocument createaccount script.
1999-01-03 ianSupport defaultgid.
1999-01-03 ianAdd sync-accounts stuff.
1999-01-03 ianNo locking documented.
1999-01-03 ianNew -q mode.
1999-01-03 ianforce overwrite, no rcsid
1999-01-03 iantarfile-maker, grab-account, rcsids
1999-01-02 ianAccount-creation script.
1999-01-02 ianGroup management sorted ?
1999-01-02 ianInitial checkin, seems to sort of work.