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Finalise 4.4.0
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2014-10-26 Ian JacksonFinalise 4.4.0
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonFix changelog so 4.4.0 is not final
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: And changelog update, making this 4.4.0
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: Paperwork
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: Manpage
2014-10-26 Jonathan AmeryMerge branch 'acctdump'
2014-07-28 Ian Jacksondebian/changelog: finalise 4.3.1
2014-07-28 Ian Jacksongit-cache-proxy: Note change properly in changelog
2014-07-28 Ian Jacksongit-cache-proxy: housekeeping: More correctly handle...
2014-01-10 Ian JacksonBugfixes:
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksondebian/control: an attempt to fix build dependencies...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksondebian/changelog: finalise 4.3.0
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs: Saner build runes for summer, watershed and...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksondebian/rules: use dpkg-buildflags and pass to Makefile.
2013-11-29 Ian JacksonMakefile: honour CMDLINE_CFLAGS, CMDLINE_CPPFLAGS,...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs/usr-local-src-misc-Makefile: Remove ancient...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksondebian/changelog: condense unofficial releases' entries...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonfinalise dummy changelog for 4.2.1~~iwj4 for build...
2013-11-29 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgit/dgit/sid'
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: note that it fixes #727223
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksondebian/copyright: mention xduplic-copier and git-cache...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: New utility.
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs/Makefile: clean deletes $PROGRAMS
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxbatmon-simple: Saner build rune.
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonwatershed; Provide -h and --help options. Closes:...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonreally: Document need to be in the "root" group as...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonreally: Document -R option in the manpage. Closes...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonreally: Add "danger!" warning to usage message descript...
2013-11-11 Ian Jacksongit-cache-proxy: postpone chdir so Housekeeping lock...
2013-11-11 Ian Jacksonchangelog entry for git-cache-daemon
2013-09-04 Ian Jacksonfinalise 4.2.1~~iwj1
2013-09-04 Ian JacksonNew features:
2013-09-04 Ian JacksonCode cleanups:
2013-09-04 Ian Jacksonrandom-word: Some perl-mode emacs formatting glitch...
2013-09-04 Ian JacksonMake xbatmon-simple tolerate the lack of "type" in...
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog debian/4.2.0
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonchiark-utils (4.2.0) unstable; urgency=low
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonrename xacpi-simple
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog debian/4.1.32
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonwip fix clean
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonwip finalise
2012-06-07 Ian Jackson-iconic <= -icon; changelog; compile
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonboolean option
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonmention nmus in changelog debian/4.1.31
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonchiark-backup nosnap update from zealot
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonfinalise
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonreorg changelog
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonxacpi-simple close bug
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonbuild arch wip
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonimproved desc
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonxacpi-simple is not acpi any more
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonadd missing misc:Depends
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonconffile
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksondummy targets, sorry
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonbuild-arch and -indep need hyphens
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonurgency medium
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonarch and indep
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonbump standards-version
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonscandir type fix
2012-06-06 Ian Jackson-Wno-pointer-sign
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksondo not placate -Wpointer-sign
2012-06-06 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into newacpi
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonintroduce watershed.txt
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonnote warnings removed
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonuse meaningful colour names in pix_...
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog for recent stuff
2012-06-05 Ian Jacksonenergy vs power
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksonbetter msg re git
2012-06-03 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into newacpi
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksondepends
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksonadd compat file, forgotten
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksonignores
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksonbuild-deps etc.
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksonfix dep
2011-03-09 Ian JacksonSwitch to git. Move .cvsignores to .gitignore, etc.
2008-10-08 ianmdlvlfinalise changelog origin debian_version_4_1_30
2008-10-04 ianmdlvlbackup/snap-drop: honour argument specifying vardir.
2008-10-04 ianmdlvlrcopy-repeatedly seems to mostly work
2008-09-07 ianmdlvlcvs-repomove: work with Solaris's shoddy sed. (Closes...
2008-08-28 ianmdlvlchiark-backup: really cope properly with nosnap removal debian_version_4_1_29
2008-08-28 ianmdlvl* backup-snaprsync: pass $vardir as argument to snap...
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlbump version since 4.1.27 already left the local machine debian_version_4_1_28
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlurgency high in right field (!) debian_version_4_1_27
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlfinalise changelog (again)
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlWarn if user specifies a zone with the trailing `.'.
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlconsolidate recent changelog entries
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlchiark-named-conf: Do not apply end-of-file foreign...
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlchiark-named-conf: Remove obsolete +nodebug option...
2008-08-27 ianmdlvlDeclare and document the dependency of hexterm on tcl8.4.
2008-02-05 ianmdlvl@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
2007-11-26 ianmdlvl* chiark-backup: remove snap-mount properly whether... debian_version_4_1_25
2007-09-23 ianmdlvl* Change my email address in the Maintainer field so... debian_version_4_1_24
2007-09-22 ianmdlvlbump version to obsolete 4.1.22 debian_version_4_1_23
2007-09-22 ianmdlvlfinalise changelog debian_version_4_1_22
2007-09-22 ianmdlvl* use dh_strip rather than doing it ourselves. Closes...
2007-09-22 ianmdlvladd Closes: for manpage
2007-09-22 ianmdlvl* backup-snaprsync passes -B to summer.
2007-09-22 ianmdlvl* summer has new -B option for suppressing times of...
2007-09-22 ianmdlvlfinalise changelog
2007-09-22 ianmdlvl* many scripts mentioned in Description and debian...