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changelog: finalise 6.0.4
[chiark-utils.git] / cprogs / acctdump.c
2014-10-27 Ian Jackson* Redact command name characters outside 33-126.
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonPrint ac_mem and ac_io if available.
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonTolerate variation in ac_flag field name, and, to an...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonTolerate lack of ac_minflt and ac_majflt (and use ...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonTolerate lack of ac_exitcode.
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonUse different struct acct, and different headers, on...
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: Remove badusage from acctdump.c and update...
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: Actually, we didn't need acct.h at all
2014-10-26 Jonathan AmeryMerge branch 'acctdump'
2014-10-06 Jonathan Amerypacct file has moved
2014-10-06 Jonathan AmeryRemove a stray debug line
2014-10-06 Jonathan AmeryAdded missing \n from error message
2014-10-06 Jonathan Ameryseekdist lines should have been removed during the...
2014-10-06 Jonathan AmeryMerge branch 'master' into merge-141006
2014-10-06 Jonathan David Amerycurrent state of chiark version
2014-10-06 Jonathan David AmeryFound backup file on chiark
2001-11-12 ianBugfixes from Peter Benie.
1998-04-08 ianAs submitted as bug and sent to PJB and RJK.