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ownerIan Jackson
last changeTue, 24 Jan 2017 14:32:20 +0000 (14:32 +0000)
2017-01-24 Ian Jacksonfinalise 1.2.0 master
2017-01-24 Ian JacksonMultiarch: Move .so's to triplet paths, and declare...
2017-01-24 Ian JacksonHonour dpkg-architecture's DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE, to fix...
2017-01-24 Ian Jacksoncdb: Replace ad-hocery with use of offsetof/typeof...
2017-01-24 Ian JacksonUpdate build-dependencies to permit tcl8.6. Closes...
2017-01-24 Ian Jacksontuntap: Do not build on non-Linux platforms.
2017-01-24 Ian JacksonUpdate .gitignore for recent debhelper droppings.
2017-01-24 Ian Jacksonwiringpi: changelog: Mention that wiringpi not in Debia...
2017-01-24 Ian Jacksonchangelog: sort out a bit
2016-06-09 Ian Jacksonwiringpi module in changelog
2016-06-09 Ian Jacksontest-load targets: Nicer tracing output from make
2016-06-09 Ian Jacksontest-load targets: Use strip to sanitise whitespace...
2016-06-09 Ian JacksonUpdate default TCL_VERSION to 8.5
2016-06-09 Ian Jacksonwiringpi: Enable in top-level Makefile
2016-06-08 Ian Jacksonwiringpi: much implementation, now it links
2016-06-08 Ian Jacksonwiringpi: much implementation, move pwmc/pwmr
5 years ago debian/1.1.1 Debian release 1.1.1
13 months ago master