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2006-08-10 ian@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
2006-08-09 ian@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
2006-04-03 ianprovide adns txt rrs
2006-04-03 ianfinalise unofficial version for chiark test
2006-04-03 ian@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
2006-04-03 ianDo not run dpkg-shlibdeps on adns and nettle plugins...
2006-04-02 ianfinal changes before upload
2006-04-02 ianlinda override actually works
2006-04-02 ianlinda overrides other format
2006-04-02 ianlinda overrides somewhere else
2006-04-02 ianfix some linda warnings
2006-04-02 ianbetter changelog comment
2006-04-02 iannew initialisation arrangements are sane and consistent
2006-04-02 ianlintian sorted out
2006-04-02 iancompression yes/no; rename base .so
2006-03-30 ianDebian package wip
2006-03-30 ian.log -> .jrn
2006-03-30 ianchanged build arrangements, added version number, in...
2006-03-30 ianfix up opening and closing
2006-03-30 ianadjust divisor
2006-03-30 ianfixes for cdb; it now works at least a bit
2006-03-30 ianworking on testing cdb-wr
2006-03-29 ianh2hexquote et al - revert as I have changed my mind
2006-03-29 ianh2hexquote et al - check in before revert as I have...
2006-02-11 ianall entrypoints done now; loads
2006-02-11 iandispatch entrypoints
2006-02-11 ianro compiles
2006-02-11 ianwriteable lookups now compile
2006-02-11 ianworking on lookups
2006-02-05 ianlookup wip; see cvs diff from 1.12 before checkin
2006-02-05 ianupdate wip; see cvs diff from 1.12 before checkin
2006-02-05 ianimplement cht_do_cdbwr_delete
2006-02-05 ianimplement cht_do_cdbwr_open_okjunk
2006-02-05 ianwriteable, update entrypoints impl'd
2006-02-05 ianrecord way to get list of unimplemented symbols in...
2006-02-04 iancompilation fixes
2006-01-25 iannew compaction entrypoints impl'd
2006-01-25 ianmintstamp => lexminval; much work, it sort of compiles...
2006-01-25 ianfix it so it compiles
2006-01-22 ianhalfway through implementing mintstamp
2006-01-22 ianslight improvements to scriptinv, including scriptinv_i...
2006-01-22 iancope with gcc which does not support -Wno-pointer-sign
2006-01-22 ianwriteable wip
2006-01-16 ianwip is good
2006-01-16 ianmuch work on hash tables etc.
2006-01-16 ianprovide errorCode for invalid reverse addrs
2006-01-15 ianwriteable wip
2006-01-15 iantoplevels all have * mark now
2006-01-15 iancorrect doc comment re EntryExtra
2006-01-15 ian"quick" rw table entry extra value
2006-01-15 iancdb framework compiles - now just need to implement it
2006-01-15 iansettling on interface to cdb binding
2006-01-10 iancdb binding wip
2006-01-07 ianhbytes and crypto compile now
2006-01-07 ianhbytes compiles
2006-01-07 ianworking on compiling out of troglodyte; before relegage...
2006-01-07 ianadns compiles ish, working on transferring the rest
2006-01-07 ianinitial import and build-faff, wip
2006-01-07 ianinitial import and build-faff, wip
2006-01-07 iangutting this to put it in chiark-tcl
2004-12-28 ianworking on new addrmap instead of maskmap - compiles...
2004-12-27 ianmask-map nonoverlapping representation - wip (needs...
2004-12-27 ianget resolver destruction right
2004-12-19 iando not crash on disposal of sock and tuntap
2004-12-19 ianactually clean out unwanted file handlers; docuemtn...
2004-12-19 ianreassemble adns log messages
2004-12-19 ianscriptinv is correct about not leaking xargs. do not...
2004-12-19 iandefault resolvers
2004-12-18 ianput xargs in right place
2004-12-18 ianavoid invoking callback procedures other than from...
2004-12-18 ianscriptinv supports xargs and adns uses them
2004-12-18 ianworking on making xargs work
2004-12-16 ianit made an asynch query
2004-12-16 ianfix c violations detected by newer gcc - urgh
2004-12-15 ianmany improvements: use Get/SetAssocData for idtables...
2004-12-01 ianadns compiles and does not work
2004-12-01 ianidtable better documented and sorted
2004-11-30 ianadns wip
2004-11-25 ianmask-map lookup seems to work
2004-11-25 ianamend seems to work
2004-11-25 ianmask-map amend implemented, but untested
2004-11-25 iancheck for extra bits
2004-11-25 iannew constv type
2004-11-25 iancompiles and appears to work (as far as it goes)
2004-11-25 ianmask-map is hbytes subcommand
2004-11-25 ianerror codes and better docs for mask-map
2004-11-21 iansome maskmap stuff;
2004-11-21 ianfirst cut of mask-map: skeleton
2004-11-21 ianremove duplicate include
2004-11-21 ianuse tcl8.3/tcl.h
2004-01-05 iandocument tcmdifgen (and split from app, in theory)
2004-01-01 ianneed stddef.h
2004-01-01 ianneed cast for crappy tcl no const correct
2003-10-05 iandocument some undocumented hbytes ops
2002-12-26 iantuntap seems to sort of work
2002-12-26 iantuntap compiles
2002-12-26 ianscriptinv
2002-12-26 iannew socket id arrangements, working on tun
2002-10-02 ianDo not invalidate string rep of shared objs.
2002-10-01 ianhbytes xor