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get resolver destruction right
[chiark-tcl.git] / crypto / algtables.c
2004-12-16 ianfix c violations detected by newer gcc - urgh
2004-01-01 ianneed stddef.h
2002-09-29 ianDrop alg->byteswap; implement counter mode; split paddi...
2002-09-29 ianbetter core algorithm selection and new core alg suites
2002-09-21 ianUse nettle for hash functions.
2002-09-17 ianAbolish serpent-l. Use PKCS#1 v1.5 RSA padding but...
2002-09-10 ianRipped out a lot of crap. Now it compiles and passes...
2002-09-06 ianTwo serpents
2002-09-02 ianhmac seems to work