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changelog: start 1.3.3
[chiark-tcl.git] / base / extension.make
2018-08-18 Ian Jacksonautopkgtests: Add machinery for regenerating test cases
2018-08-18 Ian JacksonRename *.test.tcl to test-load.tcl
2018-04-24 Ian JacksonMakefiles: Refer to $(BASE_DIR) rather than ../base/
2016-06-09 Ian Jacksontest-load targets: Nicer tracing output from make
2016-06-09 Ian Jacksontest-load targets: Use strip to sanitise whitespace...
2016-06-08 Ian JacksonProvide test-load target in extensions directories
2013-10-15 Sergei Golovanchiark-tcl (1.1.1+nmu1) unstable; urgency=low
2012-06-02 Ian Jacksonremove fsf street address
2012-06-02 Ian Jacksoncopyright dates
2006-03-30 ianDebian package wip
2006-03-30 ianchanged build arrangements, added version number, in...
2006-01-07 ianhbytes and crypto compile now
2006-01-07 ianworking on compiling out of troglodyte; before relegage...
2006-01-07 ianadns compiles ish, working on transferring the rest
2006-01-07 ianinitial import and build-faff, wip