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2012-06-02 Ian Jacksonremove fsf street address
2012-06-02 Ian Jacksoncopyright dates
2006-10-20 ianfix up compilation errors
2006-10-20 ianAdd a few assertions about *_LLEN in adns.c.
2006-10-20 ianDo not adns_cancel in the middle of adns_forallqueries
2006-08-25 ianuse dispatch()
2006-04-03 ianprovide adns txt rrs
2006-04-03 ian@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
2006-04-02 iannew initialisation arrangements are sane and consistent
2006-03-30 ianDebian package wip
2006-01-16 ianprovide errorCode for invalid reverse addrs
2006-01-15 iantoplevels all have * mark now
2006-01-07 ianhbytes and crypto compile now
2006-01-07 ianhbytes compiles
2006-01-07 ianworking on compiling out of troglodyte; before relegage...
2006-01-07 ianadns compiles ish, working on transferring the rest
2006-01-07 ianinitial import and build-faff, wip
2004-12-27 ianget resolver destruction right
2004-12-19 ianactually clean out unwanted file handlers; docuemtn...
2004-12-19 ianreassemble adns log messages
2004-12-19 iandefault resolvers
2004-12-18 ianavoid invoking callback procedures other than from...
2004-12-18 ianscriptinv supports xargs and adns uses them
2004-12-18 ianworking on making xargs work
2004-12-16 ianit made an asynch query
2004-12-15 ianmany improvements: use Get/SetAssocData for idtables...
2004-12-01 ianadns compiles and does not work
2004-11-30 ianadns wip