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2016-08-02 Ian Jacksoncompute: do not generate accidental unwanted \ escapes...
2016-08-02 Ian Jacksoncompute: handle >9 candidates properly
2015-04-15 Ian JacksonFix label to have bare node name
2014-11-19 Ian Jacksongraphviz: do not show lists of voters when there are...
2014-02-06 Ian Jacksongraphviz: annotate dropped weakest Schwartz set edges
2014-02-06 Ian Jacksongraphviz: label the winning node(s)
2014-02-06 Ian Jacksongraphviz, etc.: do not skip dropped nodes when generati...
2014-02-06 Ian Jacksongraphviz: label the edges
2014-02-06 Ian Jacksonremove Data::Printer debugging option
2014-02-06 Ian Jacksongraphviz: new output, with -g option
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksondocs
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksonimprove a msg
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksonremove self-edges from tdefeats which makes it prettier...
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksonprint # devotee-tally-begin and devotee-tally-end
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksonallow numbered options
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksonbetter msgs
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksonbetter msgs and default handling
2014-02-02 Ian Jacksonrename