Crypto wars redux?

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>More seriously why is this announced direct to the public rather than emerging from
>party policy discusion into a manifesto?   Surely he realises that if he says something
>(even though he's a politician) people will think there is come chance he means it.

We now hear that:

"the Guardian has established that the prime minister has in mind the 
need to create a better legal framework for breaking into and monitoring 
the encrypted communications of terror suspects."

Which sounds more like demanding session keys from large comms providers 
(something which was resisted by bankers during RIPA's passage).


Fresh legislation is needed because the Data Retention and Investigatory 
Powers Act (Drip), the emergency legislation pushed through last summer, 
expires at the end of 2016."

Sunset clauses are all very well, but they offer an opportunity to 
strenghten legislation as well as withdraw it; whereas a regular Bill 
will rarely be revisited more than once a decade.
Roland Perry

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