Crypto wars redux?

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Thu Jan 15 21:58:59 GMT 2015

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> and-snapchat-could-be-banned-under-new-surveillance-plans-9973035.html>
> Quite a lot of facepalm social media chatter about this alleged
> proposal.

the rough definition of Top Secret involves "threaten the security or economic wellbeing
of the country".

Imagine if the PM had some crazy idea about abolishing communications privacy in
a near-universal way reducing the availability of secure online shopping and banking
and efficient business communication ... and this motivated companies not to be based
here or do business here ... would the person who leaked the existence of the PM's
idea be breaking the law?

I'm aware of the irregular verb from "Yes Prime Minister" of confidential briefings,
leaks and prosecutions under the offical secrets act.

More seriously why is this announced direct to the public rather than emerging from
party policy discusion into a manifesto?   Surely he realises that if he says something
(even though he's a politician) people will think there is come chance he means it.

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