BBCR4 on Crypto-wars today at 13:30

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Mon Mar 17 09:09:54 GMT 2014

I didn't see that Newsnight segment, unfortunately, but did read the 
article and then listen to the BBC R4 program. Its now available online at:

and I found that it reported on the USA battle: NSA v the people.

I would appreciate any informed comment about accuracy of the program, 
plus a view from this side of the pond. (I was during the 90s involved 
in a project - the Mondex bank cash card scheme - that depended on PKI, 
and from 2000 in the use of smart cards (and soon other devices) in 
ticketing for public transport.)


On 16/03/2014 08:55, Caspar Bowden (lists) wrote:
> by @gordoncorera
> Especially like the line "and activists began building systems for 
> /people/ to use..."
> BBC Online write-up doesn't mention
> - Cocks & Williamson
> - Clipper
> - Labour Information Superhighway pledge not to do key escrow
> - "Licensing of Trusted Third Parties" consultation and Labour's 
> conversion to key-escrow
> - Reversing burden of proof on key possession in RIPA
> @gordoncorera evidently thought he should report on Ladar Levinson's 
> doomed attempt to create server-side-secure encrypted email, rather 
> than the UK's own virulent role in crypto-wars, and in 2013 twice 
> re-assured the public that UK has a "no-spy" deal with US, and refused 
> to correct this even after disproved by Snowden docs and disavowed by 
> Obama
> Will any ukcrypto people Tweet him some of his omissions, and ask why 
> BBC is airbrushing the UK's own crypto-wars out of history?
> [During Crypto-wars UK, Newsnight preferred to waste 8 minutes on a 
> rugged helicopter ride to see Sealand crypto-rebels rather than 
> explain the policy options]
> Caspar

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