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Sun Mar 16 08:55:07 GMT 2014 by @gordoncorera

Especially like the line "and activists began building systems for 
/people/ to use..."

BBC Online write-up doesn't mention
- Cocks & Williamson
- Clipper
- Labour Information Superhighway pledge not to do key escrow
- "Licensing of Trusted Third Parties" consultation and Labour's 
conversion to key-escrow
- Reversing burden of proof on key possession in RIPA

@gordoncorera evidently thought he should report on Ladar Levinson's 
doomed attempt to create server-side-secure encrypted email, rather than 
the UK's own virulent role in crypto-wars, and in 2013 twice re-assured 
the public that UK has a "no-spy" deal with US, and refused to correct 
this even after disproved by Snowden docs and disavowed by Obama

Will any ukcrypto people Tweet him some of his omissions, and ask why 
BBC is airbrushing the UK's own crypto-wars out of history?

[During Crypto-wars UK, Newsnight preferred to waste 8 minutes on a 
rugged helicopter ride to see Sealand crypto-rebels rather than explain 
the policy options]


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