Off topic: DPA question

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Fri Jun 13 11:28:22 BST 2014

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> >That depends on whether the email address relates to a living
> individual
> >(and also whether that individual is identified or identifiable).
> Hello Francis
> Thank you - in this case the email address relates to a living
> individual.
> In my view, their personal (non-business) email address would be
> personal
> information but their business email address would not be.
> Any thoughts please? Thank you!
> best wishes
> Marcus

Just to add a wrinkle the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regs *do* distinguish between e-mail addresses of "individual subscribers" and others :(

But even then it's pretty tricky, if you're external to the system, to try to distinguish them - how do you know whether andrew.cormack at is an 'individual subscriber' or not? Or indeed how do I know which marcus at is?


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