Off topic: DPA question

Ben Liddicott ben at
Fri Jun 13 08:00:35 BST 2014

On 13/06/2014 00:01, Marcus Williamson wrote:
> Thank you - in this case the email address relates to a living individual.
> In my view, their personal (non-business) email address would be personal
> information but their business email address would not be.
I used to think that the mere fact that a person existed, i.e. name and 
date of birth, were not personal data. However the courts have now taken 
the opposite view.

An email address directed to an individual rather than a role certainly 
uniquely identifies them in the world. That is now enough to make it 
personal information on its own - if it also identifies their name and 
place of work, then all the more so.

That's X. What's Y? In all likelihood processing information relating 
primarily to email transmission and to the person's work will be fair 
for most purposes because you have invited it by having a work email 
address. (What is it for if not sending and receiving email about work?)

I am not a lawyer though.

Cheers, Ben

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