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Roland Perry wrote:

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> >The only way to change this is for everyone to vote for independent
> >candidates who are a) not controlled by a party and b) able to get
> >enough help to campaign for election from people who are not party
> >workers.
> >
> >Sadly I don't see it happening any time soon unless people start to
> >actually care about what their MP does and how they vote on various
> >issues.
> But what do you do if your chosen independent candidate is 100% on
> side over data retention, but 100% off-side on things like
> immigration, education, transport, broadband rollout, taxation and
> pensions?

Well, I would hope that the sort of independent candidate that I would
vote for that had a good chance of being elected would also be of
independent mind but at the same time read correspondence from and
listen to opinions from their constituents and use it to inform their

The only way to have my exact opinions on everything used directly is
to have the Swiss system of using a referendum to decide. I'd like that
because I'm interested enough to find out as much as I can about
various issues but I imagine a lot of people would find it a chore.
That's why we are where we are because not enough people care and MPs
are left to do much of what they do without a lot of constituency input
other than on local issues.


Brian Morrison

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