Data retention question

James Harrison james at
Wed Jul 16 13:20:43 BST 2014

On 16/07/14 13:11, Brian Morrison wrote:
> I saw some reports of a higher number, 45+...

49 opposed the timetable, 31 opposed the bill in its third reading.
Both times wholly irrelevant as the ~500 other MPs popped down from
their offices to vote, apparently.

Makes you wonder why we don't enforce attendance of the debate in all
three readings + committee stage as a requirement before allowing
voting on an issue. Any votes from people not in attendance at the
debates are surely uninformed. Ho hum. There was me thinking we had a
functional democracy for a moment :-( what really pissed me off was that
the amendment to force the legislation to sunset in 6 months were
rejected by a similar majority - clearly not emergency legislation, then...

So now this thing is on its way through (Lords and Royal Assent pending
but near-certain, I'd imagine), what are the real implications of the
extraterritorial stuff? As a service operator who operates services
outside the UK but which are available within the UK (eg, 99% of
websites) can the UK government now demand that I retain data? Obviously
unenforceable if I'm not based in the UK, but..


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