DRIP - UK Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill

Francis Davey fjmd1a at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 17:17:25 BST 2014

2014-07-12 16:54 GMT+01:00 Peter Fairbrother <zenadsl6186 at zen.co.uk>:
> I don't know whether that is deliberate power grab or just sloppy drafting
> - but it really cannot be allowed to stand.

I discussed this with him. I think "sloppy drafting" is more likely in my
experience of the way these things are put together in a rush. Obviously it
could well be deliberate, but legislative drafting is an extremely poor
quality exercise - one of the reasons why you need Parliamentary time.

I am afraid I completely believe that this was all done at the last minute.
I.e. that not only was nothing done since April but no-one was planning for
the result in April - which many of us anticipated anyway.

However, it is self-evident that DRIP does more than re-enact the 2009
regulations. Indeed if that was what they wanted to do, a few lines of
statute would do the trick. There is therefore no excuse for the rush with
the wording before Parliament right now.

Francis Davey
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