Health Service Record Confidentiality

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> HSCIC have made a statement -
> They appear to have been responsible for collection since 2006 but only handling the processing since 2013.

Clare Gerada of the RCGP has been using HES as a "that works, so why won't" example for the past
few weeks.  She now admits to being "confused" and seeking a "JR" (presumably "Judicial Review").

Unfortunately, this whole sorry saga seems to be full of well-intentioned useful idiots, to use Lenin's phrase
of western Communists of the 1920s and 1930s, who are so keen to do good that they assume the best of
everyone, while meanwhile HSCIC and its predecessors have been selling the data on a rather less 
high-minded basis.  I suspect soon we'll get the "we can't refuse lawful requests" excuse.


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