Health Service Record Confidentiality

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HSCIC have made a statement -

They appear to have been responsible for collection since 2006 but only handling the processing since 2013.


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> HSCIS's rather unconvincing excuse is that the data was provided by a 
> previous organisation and they wouldn't do it now. Hardly reassuring. 

No, that certainly isn't reassuring. It indicates that some lax 
thinking must have gone on before. 

Oddly though, its also a statement that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.


"In 1996 these bodies were abolished and the NHS-Wide Clearing Service (NWCS) was set up to provide a means of transmitting the records. In 2006 this work was taken over by the Secondary Uses Service, which is run by the Health and Social Care Information Centre and the National Programme for IT.”

So it came under HSCIS’s remit in 2006. The data set was from 2000-2010. 

For tracking though, there is the HESID -

Which appears to include per-client pseudonym-ids. Data cleaning on release appears to be documented here -

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