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>For a router with a fixed IP address (like mine), that IP address
>identifies me (or the small number of people with accounts on my

Ditto for a static IP address.

>For a leased IP, the combination of the IP and the time are equivalent
>to  a fixed IP. Just needs the cooperation of the ISP to decode it. But
>I  would expect the table of IP leased against time would be traffic

Or even comms data.

>and hence demandable by TPTB (but not by any random Tom, Dick or Harry,
>because the IP/time combination is surely Personal Data). Whether ISPs
>can  be forced to retain this data for some specified period I don't
>know, but  if such is not lawful at the moment, for sure it soon will
>be. the current iteration: Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act
2014. Detail in the regs:

Roland Perry

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