PRISM && Excited Guardianista

Caspar Bowden (lists) lists at
Sun Jun 9 21:37:22 BST 2013

Thanks Peter, those bits of RIPA were on mu to do list to rummage

On 06/09/13 20:06, Peter Fairbrother wrote:
> ...
> it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to secure that no 
> request for assistance in accordance with the agreement is made on 
> behalf of a person in the United Kingdom to the competent authorities 
> of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom except with 
> lawful authority.

I wonder what kinds of lawful authority there can be ?

> Not that it would be much of a duty anyway (eg a ss 8(4) warrant would 
> be lawful authority). 

Would it ?  Maybe, but v. helpful if you can spell out if you can see 
how that fits (maybe trivial)

> but if the SoS doesn't designate an agreement, 

Which bit is that?

> there is no duty on him, and designating an agreement does nothing else.
> I wonder, have any orders designating a UK-US agreement under ss.1(4) 
> been made?

Aha. Anyone else? where would one look for that ?
> Nope, just an EU-wide one.

And where is that ?

Sorry if these obvious just overloaded right now


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