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>>>>> These may explain why it's not old hat (search my name since January
>>>>> if want more)
>>>>> -personal-data-measures-for-cloud-computing-amid-us-surveillance-concern
>>>>> s/
>>>> People were discussing these issues more than three years ago, at
>>>> conferences I was attending.
>>> Really ? FISAAA 2008 s.1881a (aka 702). Which conference(s) ?
>> <
>> s/Reports-Presentations/2079_reps_IF10_yvespoullet1b.pdf>
>Well, this CoE stuff doesn't deal with "national security" matters, 
>doesn't mention FISA or FISAAA (or PAA) or comparble laws (to thes 
>extent there are any), and I was speaking at subsequent conferences 
>where two of the author's learned about the gruesome details of FISAAA 
>1881a from me (and were rather taken aback because it manifestly broke 
>Aside form that, right on topic Roland

The warning was there: don't use US-based cloud services if you want to 
comply with EU Data Protection Law, Caspar.

Surveillance of this kind is hardly unknown, whether you want to call it 
PRISM, or Echelon, or something in between.

And you know that; does "overlapping warrants" ring a bell??
Roland Perry

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