Doormat argument about Voicemail dismissed by Court of Appeal

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Mon Jul 1 20:28:10 BST 2013

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>> Isn't also more to do with "always on" connectivity. Using webmail without it, is frankly useless. And if travelling overseas, not only is
>>bandwith harder to find, it's often very expensive.
>Would it be risking offence to suggest that you (and, indeed, I) may not be the most typical of users?
>Being able to read previously-read email whilst disconnected may be something that people don't think about, rather than don't need, but I
>gather that gmail has quite a few users these days.

But I'm not reading previously-read email. I'm catching up on the email 
that arrived when I last had connectivity, before:

I boarded the aircraft
The train went into a tunnel
The conference centre wifi collapsed *again*
My $10 per hr of local hotspot prepay subscription expired
I left my hotel lobby (the only place with connectivity) for my room

Roland Perry

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