Doormat argument about Voicemail dismissed by Court of Appeal

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Mon Jul 1 18:49:06 BST 2013

On 01/07/13 15:20, Ian Batten wrote:
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>>> What proportion of email users are still using POP3 and downloading a local copy?  Single figure percent, I would suspect, compared to the vast
>>> majority who are using webmail of some sort, and the geekerati who might be using IMAP4.  It implies a model of usage --- a single device with
>>> substantial local storage, talking to a remote server with limited storage --- which simply doesn't apply today.
>> Isn't also more to do with "always on" connectivity. Using webmail without it, is frankly useless. And if travelling overseas, not only is bandwith harder to find, it's often very expensive.
> Would it be risking offence to suggest that you (and, indeed, I) may not be the most typical of users?
> Being able to read previously-read email whilst disconnected may be something that people don't think about, rather than don't need, but I gather that gmail has quite a few users these days.

You can use POP3 with gmail if you want, though it isn't default. People 
frequently do.

You can also use IMAP if you want to sync a complete (ie including sent 
items, drafts etc) local copy of your email database with the server 
copy. Again people frequently do. I believe it just involves flicking a 
tab on the gmail page, and entering details in an email client.

-- Peter Fairbrother

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